Barrow Loses Again in Court


Last Thursday July 23, in another day that will endure in UDP’s list of infamy the Port of Belize workers were gunned down for protesting. The dignity and inalienable rights of ALL Belizeans were shot at and teargassed. There is no doubt that this action cannot be condemned enough. The Barrow/Faber dysfunctional tandem found just another way to attack the Southside of Belize City with all the UDP ferocity and hate of the poor and working class.

In a vain attempt to mask the latter, the Barrow/Faber half of the UDP released a letter in support of the stevedores and their plight versus the Port of Belize. This of course was a few minutes before the workers were text terminated and then militarily attacked. With UDP letter in hand they were violently ushered out of their only known workplace.

In addition to the useless letter, the testicularly weak and unelected, thus unwanted by Belize, Attorney General filed an injunction to halt the pre-announced terminations of 36 PBL workers. Like Sedi said, you should not engage in something you know you will not win.

So said, the Supreme Court rejected both the filing for the injunction and the temporary return to their jobs. Another UDP loss in Court.

Thanks God, the PUP will be in charge of the ICJ proceedings after the upcoming day of deliverance from UDP tyranny. Vote PUP 31 and John Briceño.