Barrow to Give More to UDPs on BOOST


Not to be confused with BOOTS Martinez, the Building Opportunities (of UDPs) for Our Social Transformation has been ‘politically contaminated’ since its onset in 2010. The noble idea of this internationally funded initiative was to transfer an average of 50 dollars to vulnerable Belizeans monthly. As quickly as the UDP found it possible they corrupted the programme. Only openly UDP voters are on the list.

The UDP unofficially sees the BOOST programme recipients as their voting base. This base has been collecting the crumbs that this programme offers. As we near the elections the UDP has now triggered their scare tactics. The BOOST recipients are now threatened that a NO vote for the UDP would equal losing their BOOST subvention.

In the summer of Covid, the UDP accessed 12 million US from the International Development Bank to boost the quantum of the BOOST payments.

A cheap propaganda flyer consistent with UDP sleaze was released by BOOTS Martinez, the substantive Minister in charge of the contaminated BOOST—no surprise there. The flyer asked for recipients to gloat since they will get a raise to their payments.

Also the flyer made it clear that no new applications are being accepted. Only already benefitting UDPs will get more.

That is a CORRUPTION at its worse!!