Belize Rural Registration Concerns


Belize Rural South Registration Concerns

These are not particular and really is showing all over the country.

The BRS Elections and Boundaries Office serves a total of 8000 voters. It is located in the second LARGEST voter constituency in Belize. However, it is understaffed and unable to meet the demanding needs of a growing population. The problem is more so aggravated by a very energetic and robust transfer period (July-August).

It is known that one of the clerks is going on leave this week leaving all the work of transfers and new registrations to just ONE person.

There is concern by the residents of Caye Caulker. They are required to travel to Ambergris Caye in order to register or transfer, which is time consuming and costly.

With a short staffed office, how will they verify addresses on BOTH islands?

As Belize navigates the current crisis, the GOB has implemented cost-cutting measures, but our DEMOCRACY CANNOT be compromised. The integrity of the next general elections must not be the price we pay because the UDP have squandered and continue to squander money!

We call on the Chief Elections Officer, Ms. Josephine Tamai to remedy the current unacceptable situation in the Belize Rural South Elections and Boundaries office.

More and more we realize that we truly deserve better than this. WEDESERVEBETTER

Cayo Northeast Registration Concerns

How Far will the UDP go to try and Win Elections? Should the Good People of Cayo Northeast and the wider Belize be concerned?

Friday July 17, 2020 – The much called for Re-registration which started on July 2, 2018, was a much-needed process to ‘clean-up’. the list. This included: Cleaning up of people who do not live in the Constituency anymore, cleaning up of the names of the deceased who still appear on the list, and cleaning up especially of those who do not live in Belize because there is a requirement of a minimum of two months living at the current residence/address. The latter means, that all those illegally registered Guatemalans cannot come back to register because they do not have a physical address in Belize.

COVID-19 has put a dent on the possibility of hundreds of Guatemalans from coming in to register. Note that if they come in, it could spell disaster with the spread of the virus in our communities. It is rumoured that the UDP whose list of voters dwindled by more than 500 votes in Cayo Northeast alone during the Re-registration process, are scheming up a way of getting the Guatemalans in illegally.

We must as a people, do all that is possible to stop any intent from opening of the borders or from illegal entry. All illegal registrations and transfers have vitiated the intent of the much called for Re-registration.

Alfonso Cruz stops at nothing to get his share of Fame. Cruz’s signature and stamp appear on many nationality documents facilitated by former Minister of State Elvin Penner, including the one issued to South Korean national Won Hong Kim. Kim was in prison in Taiwan at the time that Penner and Alfonso ‘Ponchis’ Cruz signed saying he was signing his passport application in their presence. Big money allegedly went into Penner and Cruz’s pockets. Cruz has gotten away because he is protected by the UDP government. He can potentially face up to 5 Years imprisonment when found guilty.

Alfonso “Ponchis’ Cruz is an agent for John August who is the UDP Standard bearer for Cayo Northeast. Since the transfer process commenced on July 1, 2020, Ponchis has been illegally registering people, mostly from Cayo South into Cayo Northeast. He has placed people in Los Tambos, Duckrun One Village and in Moratown San Ignacio.

In the villages there is no requirement of a street address, so the process for them is easy. In Moratown, they are using #3 and #5 Savannah Street. This is the address for a Laverne Banner. There are some 20 persons that they have registered on that address. There are a few things wrong; Firstly, These people do not live on the said address, secondly, the dwelling is too small to house so many people; thirdly, the San Ignacio and Santa Elena town Council has renamed the former Savannah street as Joseph Andrews and now Savannah street is within the Tourist Welcome Center proper, where the buses park to pick up commuters. So, rightfully, no one lives on Savannah Street. And if elections and boundaries office personnel were doing their job, they would have known this. Every day since July 1 they have been putting people on the same address. Today, July 17, 12 persons were registered on the same address.

The personnel of elections are boundaries can be likely accomplices in the illegal registration and transfers. It is only the E&B personnel that do the verification of the address given at registration. It is only after E&B does the verification that your name can appear on the voter roll.

This past Sunday, E&B personnel sought out the chairman of los Tambos Village to find out about 5 persons that were transferred to his village. The chairman told the officer in no uncertain terms, that those persons do not live in Los Tambos. He also informed the E&B officer that the neighbours of the newly transferred applicants given in los Tambos were also erroneous as one of them lives in the neighbouring village of Selena.

So, how can a person in Selena be your neighbour if your address is in Los Tambos? The chairman volunteered to accompany the officer to the given address but was refused.

This week Tuesday, all names that “Ponchis” transferred illegally to Los Tambos also appeared on the voter roll. This is pure indication of the illegal affairs of the UDP and the likely involvement of the election and boundaries office in San Ignacio.

So, I(Landy Habet) am calling out the officer in charge of the E&B office Mrs. Polonio, assistant personnel, Noe Bonilla and Ms. Nadene Reid. We are watching you and you will have to answer to the people of Cayo Northeast for those illegal registrations.

I also call out to the people of Cayo Northeast and other concerned citizens to voice their disapproval if you feel like I do. The University of Belize (UB) recently held a protest march that included some of these issues in their statements of protest. It cannot continue to fall on deaf ears.