Belly of the Beast


Shafted AGAIN

Dean Oliver has done it to all Belizeans again – shafted without Vaseline. This foolish, crazy man has just piled on another $50M, or so, in debt on our backs, just because he is so damned arrogant he has deluded himself into believing his own spiel. The truth is that Dean Barrow and the UDP have lost every single major case that they have taken on against Lord Ashcroft – every single case. Do you understand that, thanks to Dean Barrow, Belizean taxpayers are in debt to Ashcroft for almost a billion dollars – yes, BILLION with a B. And the worst part of it is that this fool is still there on the podium arguing the cases. He now believes that he is smarter than all the judges of the Caribbean Court of Justice combined, it seems. We are in big trouble in Belize. Big trouble. And all because of the bombast of this mediocre leader whose mouth and ego issued checks that his intellect and ability could not cash.

Can’t Pay…Won’t Pay

Here’s the craziest thing. Dean Oliver knew he would lose this one, because from Friday he’s been spouting off. When asked about the judgment, he said without a thought – CAN’T PAY…WON’T PAY. The man has gone mad. He has disrespected the highest Court in the land, and he thinks he can get away with that because in his own mind he is king. Imagine what would happen if normal Belizeans would go to the banks in Belize, and when loans are due, simply refuse to pay. Imagine what would happen if we tell the Judge that we just can’t pay and won’t pay. Imagine that when Mr. Barrow sends his tax collectors to our businesses, we all just tell him – Can’t Pay – Won’t Pay. We’re sure that wouldn’t go down well. Dean Oliver and the UDP have already destroyed the economy, and now they want to leave office with all of us in debt for years and years to come. You heard the man. He says that by the time all that money comes due, he will no longer be in government – he’ll be in Placencia at his fancy resort or travelling the world with all his millions. Don’t let him get away with it.

John et al

What a terrible fellow Dean is. First he was supporting Patrick for leadership, then when Patrick was caught saying nasty things about the Barrow family, he jumped back on John’s bandwagon. With his last feeble, gasping breath, we are told he ordered big Mike to put a hit on big John. Okay we may need to clarify cause with this crew, putting a hit on somebody takes on a whole different connotation – just ask William Danny Mason. Anyway, we meant a political hit. There he was in the House, preparing to spout his usual long-winded bullshit, when Saldivar got the news that he and his BFFs Dougie, Jason and Miley were the subject of a Police investigation, and the Police were examining all their payslips from as far back as 2011. We are told that when John heard the news he nearly had a mental breakdown in the House. We hear that he had family members calling all over the place to try and find out who had leaked the information. The fat fellow from Belmopan doesn’t understand. His name stink dah road. Ever since the Mason thing broke, people have looked at Saldivar differently. Nobody is saying anything much, but everybody knows that there is much more to that Pastor Lue tragedy. Everybody knows that just before his death, Pastor Lue was on Facebook blasting John, and everybody knows that John and William Danny Mason were more than just friends. John and everybody around him are going down. Just wait for it.

UDP Gluttony

Darrell Bradley is a sick puppy. Can you imagine that they were running up bills in Chon Saan for food and drinks, and then trading those bills off against taxes owed by Chon Saan? That’s madness. What kind of operation was that fool running at City Hall? Like father, like son. Remember when Joe was running up all those bills at the Chinese restaurant across from the Council, partying like there was no tomorrow? They were apparently doing the same at Chon Saan. Our old friend Candice Miller of ménage a trois fame was also in on it. One of the invoices has her name on it – over $500 for food and drinks. Must have been one hell of a party at taxpayer expense. And Lee Mark is no better. We’re all going through this damned pandemic together, and people are struggling at all levels. The Council is just about to be able to pay its workers their full salaries again and now this rich UDP businessman decides that he absolutely must collect $18,000 which was owed to him from sometime in 2016 when the UDP were rolling in the people’s money at the Council. This whole bunch of UDPs needs to go – now.