Belly of the Beast


Two-faced UDP

On Wednesday morning, the Utterly Disingenuous Party (UDP) issued a release praising the stevedores and workers at PBL for protesting and taking a stance. According to those simpletons, they were in full support of the workers. One hour after that, the riot squad descended on the compound and attacked the protesters, firing rubber bullets all over the place and letting off tear gas. There’s no two ways about it. That was an attack directed by the state. Those orders to let loose the riot squad like a pack of rabid dogs came from way high up. We know how these things worked because we’ve watched the UDP operate before. We remember when cane-farmers protested peacefully in the north and Dean Oliver gave certain orders which resulted in a cane-farmer being shot and killed. We remember. The person responsible for killing that cane-farmer got away with murder. He was never charged. The UDP will remember this Wednesday for a long, long time to come. It is the day when the Government used the force of the Police to attack, violently, workers who were doing nothing but standing up for their rights. It doesn’t matter what that big dimwit Michael Peyrefitte says. We know the UDP and truth is never used in the same sentence. The UDP is cold, callous and inhumane.  We will never forget.


The nation could only watch in disbelief as Michael Peyrefitte blatantly lied and disrespected the families of the four BDF soldiers who died when a helicopter crashed while on an anti-drug mission. Peyrefitte stated, smug smile in place, that the government had given the families of the four men $100,000 each. It seems like he expected the nation to be all AWWWW, how nice. What Peyrefitte obviously didn’t expect was for the families to go public and state that he was a big, fat liar. None of the families have gotten one cent from the government. Peyrefitte lied. And when the media asked him about the lie, this fool had the face of brass to say that the government had given the money, the families just hadn’t gotten it. WTF! As the mother of one of the heroic pilots said, shame on Peyrefitte and shame of the government for lying like this and for disrespecting not only the families but the memories of the dead soldiers. This is typical of the UDP, though. And Peyrefitte has shown that he is nothing but another cold, arrogant, liad UDP just like all the rest.


Word to us is that Patrick Faber, still jubilant over his victory and still all up in his prom queen type feelings, has put a political hit on those who were so vocal in attacking him. One of the first to go, we understood from after the Convention, would be Frank Papa Mena, considered a weakling in UDP circles. And so said, so done. We were told that Faber flew down South to hold several closed-door meetings, and lo and behold, a few days after a whole bunch of UDPs start clamouring for Papa to step down because he has been missing from the area and there is no way that he can win in Dangriga for the UDP. We have news for the UDPs and their new prom queen leader-elect. Leave Papa or move him. It doesn’t matter. The people of Belize have already decided. Whenever elections are called, the people will vote out the UDP all across this country. Everybody has gotten tired of the corruption and the incompetence and the arrogance. It’s only a matter of weeks now. Wait for it.


We predicted this would happen a long time ago. The UDP dolly-house has crumbled, and the best is yet to come. We are reliably informed that Gapi may have stepped back, but he is far from out of the game. Sources say that this past weekend at least six Cabinet and disgraced former Minister, Mason boy toy and Dermen pansy John Saldivar met at Gapi’s home in Orange Walk for hours. We’re not sure exactly what was discussed, but we do know that it wasn’t a surprise party for the new leader-elect. We know, because people in Belmopan love to talk, that Saldivar has stated that he isn’t finished by a long shot, and he has been heard bragging that he will still be leader of the UDP no matter what he has to do. If Mason was a free man and Saldivar made a comment like that, we’d advise Patsy to be very afraid. But that’s all we’re going to say about that. Except to say that things inside the UDP will be blown to bits in the next couple weeks. And it’s way overdue. Elections soon people. You can take that to the bank.