Collet Votes Regret Eating the Pibil


Dear Editor,

Give me a few eyes…and ears,

Five years ago when Faber wanted our votes he took many of us from Collet to Corozal for a day in lots of buses. We heard food and drinks and that were enough. The ride was free. The food was free. The pibil was mostly a surprise for me.  That mek it even betta. I no like salt water but I forgot that for a day. On that day I did not think of nothing but just enjoyment.

Everything seemed good until the trip was over. I could not believe how upset Belizean people were with that trip. If I knew then what I kno now I would not have gone.

As I saw Faber, in all his senses, say that he spent PetroCaribe dollars on the trip. Then the trip started to taste bad.

Now Belize still owes that money. I hear it is hundreds of millions. I know the trip did not spend that but we are the symbol of that time. I believe it was ‘roll-it’. The Prime Minister said that.

How could he do that? How could he waste taxpayer’s money like a joke?

It amazes me now that Faber is trying to be elevated to leader of the country. I didn’t vote at the convention cause I am a ‘nobody’ to Faber. I noh know where he got the people to vote for the convention. He did only wrong stuff or mostly nothing ya da Collet.  How does that qualify Patrick Faber to leader of all the UDP?

Maybe the UDP get who dem deserve.

I noh see how he can ever become leader-elect of the UDP and much less Belize. Poh thing.

In fact, I don’t see him remaining in politics much longer than this. Isn’t he a millionaire? Hope he mind his money good.

The UDP should just confess their wrongs and pay. Elections are like a reward to them when they should be punished for corruptly taking from Belize.

This is especially for Faber since he sliced the future from our babies…our children. Education cuts at every level.

Schools will never be ready under Patrick Faber. I do not trust him with my baby. I will wait.


Ex-Collet UDP/New for Oscar