Dirty D Does it Again


Cordel Hyde is a champion in Lake Independence and just for one incomplete Barrow term Mark was king of the area. But this election cycle as the UDP was scrambling for candidates they decided to push Dianne Finnegan in an effort to at least front someone for Cordel to pummel at the polls.  Dianne has shown the cunningness that Michael brought but that has gotten nothing for Mesopotamia.

She seemingly will do anything to garner votes. A win is far from her radar. She only wants to get what UDP scare takers get. She infamously said that she works with gang leaders to get their vote. Note that she didn’t provide a plan to get them jobs or improve their lives. She also didn’t say a word now that her government has locked up a lot of their men.

Then, Dianne congregated our undocumented immigrant friends whom the UDP has knowingly ignored for more than 12 years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she and Bev will facilitate and/or expedite their naturalization. Of course, this was a vote getting ploy. These persons who congregated at Partridge Street and Swift Hall are still waiting with the empty promise of citizenship, and to some the promise of land which even born Belizeans crave and are denied by the UDP.

Now, Dianne wants tranches a la Saldivar. She voiced that she would take that money. Birds of a feather congregate and vote for the perpetration of corruption and a UDP party before Belize. Dirty D and her tricks are exposed even before she says them. Elections are way out of her league and the women of Lake I are ashamed of her.