Exists today!


As Belize ventures into August 2020, the pressing National issues that flutter all around are undeniable. Each issue must be tackled by every country loving Belizean NOW. Postponing the inevitable now will lead to the national calamity that is being sown today by the United Democratic Party. Each of us have our own urgencies yet there are many that are common and thus summarily of greater importance. Let us look at three of these Belizean-wide urgencies.

As our families prepare to send their children out into the new Covid reality there is much anguish. Will our children be safe? If we don’t send our child out today, when will that time come? Time is a slippery fellow. Does our UDP government have a handle on this unexplored classroom?  Would it be fair to hold back my child? Parents cannot wait for August 10, the scheduled date to reopen schools smack during the pandemic. That decision should have been made already. If not, it is urgent to do so NOW.

Are you wearing a mask today in public? Are you washing your hands with soap thoroughly for 20 seconds at a time and often? Are you staying home instead of wandering into crowds? Are you helping to protect our vulnerable to Covid-19? Are you eating, sleeping, and exercising well? If not, what are you waiting for? It is about time. The greater we are prepared and protected the greater our love. Show that desire to show love, now.

Have you registered to vote? Belize is in the grasp of the most despot of governments. The tyrants that make up the UDP have taken our constitution hostage and have robbed the innocence from our jewel. During the last 150 months and counting, Belize has been oppressed by an incompetent UDP that has manufactured infamy from any sleaze they can imagine. The UDP fooled enough people fateful three times but it’s done now. Every Belizean must press for the quick exit of the despots of the United Democracy Party.

Belizeans from every constituency need to stare the tyrants in the eye and say, “You got to go NOW.”

Being late now is not an option. Freedom loving Belizeans, your jobs and livelihoods are on the balance. Say no to the destructive UDP and open your arms to hope and a new era of lush.

Out with petty and in with John Briceño and his hope glazed with PUP vision.

The fierce urgency of NOW exists today not tomorrow. Vote PUP.