Hard Times Indeed!


Times are hard in the Jewel.  The cost of living is high and will undoubtedly become more expensive as we wade deeper into the age of Covid-19.  Already we know that the purchasing value of our dollar is diminished, the evidence is in the shrinking shopping bags we are all ill able to afford every time we go to the store.  We ask however, even in these bleak times, how much can three hundred thousand dollars and over one year worth of meetings get Belizeans?  The answer it seems is next to nothing.  After a year of meetings and hundreds of hours of damning testimony, and hundreds of thousands of dollars Senator Salazar kept us in suspense for two more years to finally admit he will do zilch.  We are now thoroughly convinced that under the UDP 300K is not worth much more than cheap and flimsy excuses.

While we are deeply disappointed that the hundreds of instances documented in testimony both at the Senate Hearings and by the Auditor General’s Report have all been for naught, we cannot say that we are the least bit surprised.  We can expect little else from Senator Salazar who tried to dilute the findings, stall the report and has gone on record to say he chaired the Senate Committee unwillingly.  They have had no choice but to acknowledge that “Given the nature of what we have seen from the Auditor General’s Report and the testimony before the Committee we are left with no doubt that there were corrupt forces operating within and around the immigration department.

It is undeniable that the Department was in serious need of attention. There is evidence that this situation was allowed or perhaps encouraged to fester under the period of stewardship of Minister Elvin Penner.” (Page 158).  There have been several other ministers involved in a myriad of what could only be surmised as criminal behavior, topped by that most infamous of cases, The Citizen Kim case.  How was it possible that Wonhong Kim became a citizen and applied and received his Belizean passport all while sitting in prison on the other side of the world?  He could only have accomplished that miraculous feat with the help of very influential people indeed.

Belizeans yearn for Justice.  So far this ideal has been elusive because corruption begets even more corruption.  The contagion of Corruption reaches far, wide and very deep.  Even with a Writ of Mandamus we were unable to have the Police Department initiate the investigation into these despicable acts.  The current Compol lacks the independence to initiate it and continues to play up to the UDP.  Impunity and chaos are the new order of the day.  How can the UDP coddle with criminals and fraudsters of every ilk while they abuse the basic human rights of citizens?  The UDP have debased Belizean honor and national pride with these antics.  The country is utterly demoralized and tired of excuses when we need solutions.  The time for the blame game is up.  Belizeans are tired of hard times and empty promises.  Salty Salazar is as corrupt as he is inept and like the rest of the UDP needs to make a hasty exit.  Call the elections.  #planbelize