Kicking off of Belize City Tour


Hi Everybody,

We have started our tour in Belize City.

I am excited about meeting the residents of Belize City, to visit the market, to go to City Hall and to spend time in all constituencies with our standard bearers and with our city residents.  It is also in Belize City that we will be launching our first policy.  Our Plan Belize policy on Jobs and the Economy will be rolled out shortly at the Princess Hotel.

We will share with you our plan for a $5 dollar an hour minimum wage, the creation of thousands of new jobs, the refocusing of our private and public sector priorities and we will share our stimulus plan for a post-Covid Belizean economy.

We continue to listen and we will deliver because we believe that everybody fi win!

¡Con el PUP Todos Ganamos!

Thanks, God bless and have a great week!