Letter to the Editor: Georgeville softball pitch issued, Severely Unfair Manner


Dear Editor,

I want to expose a little something here. Please allow.

National land destined for Georgeville softball pitch issued are being issued as residential lots to cronies by a UDP area representative…let’s not say which. The residents of Georgeville are up in arms after they discovered that the national land destined for the Georgeville softball pitch was being surveyed and issued out as residential lots to UDP cronies and their immediate relatives of Cayo Central.

The parcel of land was issued many years ago with plans to develop the field and add a basketball court and a softball pitch for the youths of the village.

Not surprising is the fact that in 2015, while the representative was campaigning, he included in his manifesto- “better sporting facilities for the villages of Cayo. In Georgeville, an indoor basketball and volleyball court will be constructed, allowing youths to play everyday rain or shine,” this proved to be nothing but more empty promises.

The villages of Georgeville, San Marcos and Santa Teresita are also awaiting their long promised resource centers.

And, among those receiving residential lots, is the daughter of a well-known UDP henchman of Cayo Central along with 11 UDP cronies.

The land destined for the softball pitch was being surveyed and turned into 14 residential lots with total disregard for the plans of the village council and of the youths of the village.

The Belize Times understands that the village Chairperson has sought assistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding this situation but none has been forthcoming.

The village is scheduled to have a meeting concerning this issue on Sunday.

Thanks for the out.

Concerned Belizean Villager