Mason: Life Sentence for Belmopan Beheading


LIFE IN PRISON! That was the sentence handed down in the court room of Justice Antoinette Moore to the five men who have been found guilty for the kidnapping and murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas also affectionately known as “Pastor Lue.” After exact four year the man known in Belize as Mason knows his fate. In this case, his Belize UDP connections did not help. What does he know that the public does not know? Does Saldivar also know? Those are the burning questions.

The 5 men William “Danny” Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keiron and Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo were found guilty of Murder in December 2019 and it has taken some time to get to this sentence postponed ever so often. Even in mitigation, the public thought that maybe Saldivar would take the stand to offer a good word for his ex-Bandit associate.

Four of the five men got 35 years except Ernest Castillo who got 30 years. It will be 35 years before the four men can apply for bail. Mason will be 80 by then.

The case made headlines due to the alleged involvement of Danny Mason and well known UDP Ministers and Police Officers. Mason was also an alleged financier of several UDP ministers. In July 2016 Police officers on a special Operation stopped and search a pickup owned by and driven at the time by Danny Mason. The pickup was parked in front of the Barrio Fino bar in Belmopan. Inside a bucket that was inside the pan of the pickup police found the head of Pastor Lue. Later what are thought to be the burnt remains of Pastor Lue’s body were discovered on Mason’s ranch located in Belmopan.

Police were already investigating Mason after a report was made by business man Lloyd Thiessen saying that he was kidnapped by Mason. Thiessen reported that he and his wife were tied up and duct-taped but were later released after they agreed to make a weekly payment of $2,500 to Mason. This case is still pending in court.

Mason, a Guyanese national, was born Rajesh Ouelett. In 2015 by some deceptive means received a Belizean birth certificate in the name of William Mason from Crooked Tree, Belize District. This fact was never totally revealed but we know that it is a bomb waiting to explode.