No Village in Bze has a Boundary – Hugo Patt’s Ministry


In the second coming of seceding Sedi, Hugo Patt’s best man at the Lands and Survey Department Vallejos was categorical in stating that villages in Belize have no boundaries. And to provide some comfort he said, two at least have boundaries.

Yes! It is Hugo Patt’s version of Sedi alleging that Belize has “artificial borders.” So for all it’s worth Patchakan has no boundary to make it a unique community. Interesting.

What was Patt’s minion saying?

Was he saying that villages legally can grow ad infinitum? Was he saying that villages can grow at will? Or, was he saying that villages do not really exist? So how does elections and boundaries have Village Council elections?

The Deputy Prime Minister Hugo Patt and co. were most likely attempting to strip the right of all our villagers to own their land and end the norm of being called a resident of Patchakan, for example.

The UDP is desperate for some sort of revival. They are dead politically, and morally. Their vision has been stunted in a perpetual imagination of what could have been if they were not incompetent or not corrupt or not petty.

In essence, the UDP is attempting to fix in one interview answer the land grab and hustle at the hands of DPM Patt and UDP illegal caretakers like the deportee Barrow in Sandhill and many other UDPs.

Apologies? Resignation? We are waiting? Be quick? Elections are here.