Pablo Raking and Scraping: Another empty PolyClinic


As you travel our beauty of a nation from Sarteneja to Cristo Rey and San Narciso to Chunox and Benque we see a great number of buildings labelled Poly Clinics. But their doors are closed at mid morning and afternoon. These are the remnants of UDP hustle. Once the building is done, there is no more to milk and they move on to another one.

Pharma isnt good enough; Pablo saw infrastructure in his UDP colleagues so he moved on to ‘help’ his ministry.

Oscar Mira: Belmopan Standard Bearer Chimed in as a Polyclinic Broke Ground in Belmopan.


Today the Mayor of Belmopan and the Party Leader elect of the UDP, Patrick Faber were are all grins and smiles at what was supposedly a groundbreaking ceremony for a polyclinic in Belmopan. Our healthcare services in Belmopan desperately needs attention but building a polyclinic in the Capital of our nation is shortsighted and shows a complete lack of vision. A polyclinic is just a larger health center but not a full scale hospital.

The current hospital in Belmopan serves the entire Cayo District as the Western Regional Hospital but it is completely inadequate. It was built around 1975 and only has 50 beds. We all know the story about leaking roofs, insufficient space, inadequate electricity, poor drainage and of course rodent infestation.

Belmopan has grown significantly and so has the Cayo District. The Western Regional Hospital now serves over 75,000 persons and we only have one bed for every 1,500 persons. The services need to be upgraded. You can’t get an X-ray or a CT-Scan at the hospital. This is madness. This is unacceptable.

Instead of planning to meet the current and future health services needs of our population and building a modern and proper hospital, this UDP government is giving us nothing more than a polyclinic. None other than the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has recommended the building of a completely new hospital. The Belmopan City Council itself, in it’s own Municipal Development Plan passed in 2014, said that the Belmopan Hospital needed “serious expansion as it serves not only residents of Belmopan but of the whole Cayo District.” Incidentally, this Plan was paid for by SIF with World Bank money and now they are going to build a polyclinic with CDB money, ignoring the very plan they paid for.

In the end let’s see this polyclinic for what it is, it is a political gimmick being done in time for election. This is not what Belmopan and the Cayo District needs. We need a modern hospital for our Capital and this is what the next PUP government will deliver. We should not be wasting resources on inadequate projects. Our children will have to pay for these half-baked ideas by the UDP. The Caribbean Development Bank should also know better and do better due diligence on projects they fund.

Mira’s Appeal

I am humbled and energized by the outpouring of support you have shown since the beginning of this campaign. We can’t do this without you! When election time comes we must all do our civic duty and get out there and VOTE to elect our next PUP government.

Note that if you have not re-registered since the process started in July 2018, then you still need to register if you want to vote in this year’s General Election. If you did re-register and would like to transfer your vote to another constituency, you can do so during the months of July and August. If you want to register, transfer, or if you’re not sure and want to check your registration status, please send us a message here on Facebook, or call/text/Whatsapp our Belmopan office at 670-9555. We are here to help!

Don’t wait, elections date has been hinted by the PM! Don’t get left behind! Thank you to everyone who has registered to vote thus far. We are all in this together!

Together we can! ¡Juntos podemos! #OscarMiraforBelmopan #ProsperityandSecurityforAll