Questions to the Ministers


  1. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say if he agrees that once a Court pronounces on an order that it is binding and effective and if so did the Prime Minister lie to the nation when he said he did the research and found this to not be so? And will the Prime Minster say if he read the paragraph 368 of the CCJ decision on the Queen v Henry?
  2. Is the Attorney General aware of the meaning of the word ‘expert’? Is the Hon. Michael Pereyfitte aware that he is not an expert on anything, save and except for, perhaps, eating? The AG cannot be going around pretending to be an expert on anything and everything and he should resist referring to himself in such language.
  3. Why is Carla Barnett trying to talk about the PUP and its past administration when she was the person who was advising the PUP government on matters of finance? Carla Barnett has lost every election she contested in Belize and has served both administrations during their time of failure.  She should be advised to be quiet.
  4. Will the Prime Minister not agree that the language of the Caribbean Court of Justice that refers to his behavior as Minister of Finance when it refers to him as violating the rule of law is the worst ever said in reference to any Belizean Prime Minister? For context, the CCJ justices unanimously agreed that his actions “these circumstances, the omission by the Government to take any reasonable steps to try and resolve its issues with BISL collaboratively and amicably, together with its unilateral and high-handed actions to take over the Registry, inconsistent with the standards of good governance, in breach of the duty of good faith, contractually unreasonable, fundamentally unfair. And abuse of State power, and therefore contrary to the rule of law.”
  5. Will the Minister of Works please inform the Belizean people when the replacement of the culvert or bridge at mile 38 on the George Price Highway will be completed and will the Minister also say which private contractor was given the contract to make these much-needed repairs?