Questions to the Ministers


  1. Will the Prime Minister please say if he will allow the Auditor General to review the revenue from the last Boledo contract before he takes the new contract to the National Assembly?
  2. Will the Prime Minister who is a senior attorney say if the SI signed by the Director of Health Services which says that the police can enter someone’s home without a warrant is a violation of the Constitution and the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Belizeans?
  3. Will the Minister of Works please say if he would provide his financials from 2008 to 2020 so that Belizeans can see how much he has earned in the past 12 years?
  4. Where is the Special Envoy who prefers to be called “First Lady?” Children are dying in the streets, University students are being denied assistance for school and the Special Envoy for Families and Children is missing.  Has she abandoned her job?
  5. How many homes have been built during the 12 years of Michael Finnegan as Minister of Housing? Having spent close to 100 million dollars, how many new communities has Finnegan and the UDP developed?  Finnegan has been the worst Minister of Housing ever!