Questions to the Ministers

  1. Considering the fact that the Minister of Health publicly admitted that he canceled NHI subsidy only in South Side Belize City and further considering that the Attorney General decided to place the South Side of Belize City under a State of Emergency a mere six days after the end of a nationwide lockdown, will the Prime Minister and the leaders of the UDP say if it is a calculated move by the UDP to punish the South Side of Belize City?
  2. Now that the Minister of Health has confessed that he cut off NHI funding for the South Side of Belize City, will the government agree that its entire poverty alleviation initiative in Southside Belize City was a complete hoax and is it not a fact that under 12 years of the UDP that the people of the South side have become poorer?
  3. Will the Prime Minister as Minister of Finance say if he will instruct the Auditor General to do a complete audit of the Ministry of Housing for the past five years so that Belizeans can see exactly where the more than 20 million dollars in funding for the Ministry of Housing was spent?
  4. Will the Minister of Education and UDP Party Leader-Elect please report to the Belizean people exactly how much funding is being provided to the thousands of schools in the nation to make them ready to open up classes on the 10th of August? And will the Minister also say if Government has done anything by way of public education for parents on how their children will be kept free from exposure to the coronavirus?
  5. Belizeans stay safe, remember to wear your mask in public, wash your hands often, keep six feet apart and register to vote.