Questions to the Ministers


  1. Considering that the Government lost yet again in court against Ashcroft and also considering that the Court ruled that most of the workers who were terminated were union members, will the Minister of Labour please inform the Belizean people what steps have been taken to protect the interests of the workers of the Port of Belize?
  2. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say if he intends to call on the Auditor General to do an audit of the BOOST and PANTRY programmes before he rolls out $20 million more dollars for food assistance so that Belizean people can know who is getting the contracts for the supply of food and how much of the funds went directly to people who most need the assistance?
  3. Will the Minister of Lands please inform the Belizean people under what authority is Shyne Barrow allowed to be distributing lands?
  4. Will the Minister of Education and Leader Elect of the UDP please say what his position on gender equality is?
  5. Belizeans please stay safe, keep up the good work of wearing your mask in public, washing your hands frequently and practicing social distancing.