Shyne: Cease and Desist


Allegations of swindling charitable donations against Shyne have been spinning in the political and media chatter for a few weeks now. With the new Trumpian reality of alternative facts and fake news there was little to hold on. Even bad boy Shyne was getting a pass on this allegation that is finally on legal threading.

It seems that this deportee masking as Standard Bearer, albeit a gifted and undeserved post, did not come to Belize with a certificate for a clean bill of health. The underlying conditions are revealing themselves. Even P has endorsed this behaviour so it must be bad.

The Belize Times nevertheless will repeat that Shyne should be given another chance. This chance will include his resignation on anything governmental and also from the Standard Bearer farce. This will open the door for some other candidate to maybe give Candice a real opponent. After Shyne resigns he should apply for jobs that fit his education level like everyone else. The people of Belize cannot afford and should not be maintaining you for doing nothing. Your resignation would surely promote music to the ears of Mesopotamia residents.

This here is one of the two like father like son UDP tandems to make the news this week.