Shyne Transfers Mesop Votes to Belize Rural North


In a final attempt to gain some credibility in Mesopotamia, unelected deportee Shyne Barrow heads out to Sandhill to somehow someway give out 200 lots? Or at least he is giving out applications to these lots, which is a far different matter.

He knows he cannot win in Mesopotamia so he learned how to give land applications. Shyne will transfer his few UDP votes in Mesopotamia to give Castro a much needed shot in the arm.

Shyne, unwelcome in Sandhill, was seen waving applications to some parcels of land that are a part of Sandhill. We do not know where the lots are exactly since Hugo Patt’s land Commissioner has said that villages do not really exist and they have no boundary.

Hoping to not miss a beat here, Shyne Barrow is facing legal action from an American Woman who claims she gave Shyne money and that he has not rendered any accounting for said funds. Shyne is defending himself tooth and nail by suing her for defamation. Isn’t the main prerequisite to defamation fame itself?

If there is a real piece of land, take it, and vote either for Marconi Leal, Candice Pitts or your favourite PUP Standard Bearer.