Southside Sabotage


UDP Targets Poor Belizeans

In an interview this week, disgraced, incompetent Minister of Health Pablo Marin smugly assured the public that the cuts in National Health Insurance would not affect anybody in the country but those in Southside Belize City. He said it as if this was some consolation, when in fact it is just more punishment on those in Belize City who need help the most, but who have been neglected and targeted by the UDP.

Belizeans have only to look at the outrageous actions of the Police on Wednesday at the Port of Belize compound, acting no doubt on instructions from their political masters. Stevedores and workers stood under the hot sun, peacefully standing up for their rights, desperate to hold on to their livelihoods as the economy crumbles. Instead of fighting to help the workers, the government instead sent Police to break up the protest, injuring people with rubber bullets and tear gas. That is how the UDP really feels about Belizeans. They are cold and callous and inhumane.

Incredibly, there are six powerful UDP Ministers in Belize City, including the Prime Minister of this country, Dean Oliver Barrow, and the leader-elect of the Utterly Disgraceful Party (UDP) Patrick Faber. Yet, for these three terms of the UDP the Southside of Belize City has been neglected, many of the people living in shacks, with no electricity or running water, walking on London Bridges to reach their homes. The poverty in many areas of Belize City hangs like a stench and is an indictment of these UDP Ministers who have managed to live in luxury while the people struggle.

Instead of finding ways to assist the people during this time of crisis, the UDP seems to each day find new ways to punish them. Instead of boosting educational assistance to those who even before COVID-19 were struggling to send their children to school, the UDP has decided to cut money for education. Thousands of Belizeans have lost their means of making money, and government has been unable to assist many of them. There are still many businesses which are closed, and many struggling to remain open with a skeleton staff. These are desperate times in Belize, times when any government would do more to help their people. But the UDP is not a ‘normal’ government. Dean Barrow and his crew are not ‘normal’ Belizeans.

In the weeks before general elections, these same UDP Ministers will go to your homes, for the first time in years. They will make all the usual promises. But remind them that they have neglected the people. They have cut education grants and assistance for the Southside. They have cut NHI which directly affects the Southside. Instead of trying to revitalize the areas they call hotspots, and provide meaningful jobs and programs to help the people, the UDP implements States of Emergency at every turn, punishing the people more.

It is time for the people of the Southside to send a message to the UDP. The people have gotten poorer while the UDPs and their cronies have become millionaires. Enough is enough. The abuse and victimization must end now. It is time for all of them to go.