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Andre Perez, Belize Rural North

The UDP government has signed a $10 Million USD agreement for phase 2 of the Caracol Road Project and yet Ambergris Caye, with a population of more than 20,000 residents STILL can’t get its HOSPITAL?! How long has Heredia known that he is lying to the face of the people? If Dean Barrow had not said it LIVE on the media the residents of San Pedro and Caye Caulker would have NEVER found out.

The lies are endless and the people have had enough. We will be holding you accountable, your time is up.

For years Heredia has promised the residents of San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker a piece of land. Who is actually living on this promise land? With electricity and running water?

For over 12 years, both islands have not received any housing projects. No opportunity to families so they can stop renting and own their homes.

Now we are in a pandemic and our residents continue to suffer. One of the major problems is housing. Residents of our islands had no option but leave their rented apartments because of losing their jobs and income.

Our people deserve better. Our people deserve a housing project that is affordable and one that works for ALL. Our people deserve land with the necessary utilities available not unfilled mangrove/swamp without any electricity or water.

Heredia your chance to deliver us a housing project is gone. The people are taking your lee piece a land but they will vote you OUT.

Many of our residents remain without jobs while others are on half salary. Getting children back to school has been one of the greatest struggles that parents face as the beginning of school year approaches. Both islands are in desperate need of more classrooms and an affordable education. The UDP under Heredia has been promising both islands that more classroom will come, more schools will be opened and 17 years later we are still waiting. There will be no more waiting as his time is coming to an end in 2020. #VICTORYWITHANDRE  #WEDESERVEBETTER


Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

San Pablo Village Council 2019 – 2022, today completes one year after being elected on a historic victory for the second term Chairman Javier Sabido and Councilor Daisy Cabrera, Councilor Nadir Marin, Councilor Walter Arcurio, Councilor Miguel Angel Cawich, Councilor Jamid Muñoz, and Councilor Aldair Menensez were elected by the majority of San Pablo residents.

Today we thank the good Lord for showering his blessings upon San Pablo Village Council. We also, thank our Chairman and six Councilors for working hard and for their dedication over their first year. We also, thank all our family and friends and machinery who worked extremely hard to ensure a big win!

We also give a big thank you to all our supporters and fans and the community of San Pablo that have been loyal to us and in believing in us.

Also a big thank you to Mr. Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes for his continuous support and contribution to San Pablo Village Council. We give thanks to all those who have helped and supported San Pablo Village Council in one way or the other in their first year of great achievements!

It has been a year of many challenges but also a year of many achievements. We have seen tremendous work and dedication by San Pablo Village Council under the leadership of Chairman Javier Sabido. In only one year after being elected we can see that San Pablo Village Council have fulfilled some of their manifesto promises such as:

Free Medical Consultation and Free Medication | Assisting students

| Involving Youths at sports | Planning the historic, annual torch run for San Pablo Day | Promoting our Maya/Mestizo culture | Helping the elderly with food pantry | Organizing clean-up campaigns | Rehabilitation of the San Pablo Community Center | Assisting in social programs | Organized night patrols | Established garbage collection

It has not been an easy road but we continue to work hard for the betterment of our San Pablo Village despite many challenges we face today.

National President for the National Organization of Village Councils

Another great achievement is having our Chairman Javier Sabido was elected as the NAVCO President in Belmopan City, on January 18th, 2020.

Today, San Pablo Village Council remains committed in fulfilling more achievements for the village and to continue working hard for the betterment of our beautiful San Pablo Village. The work continues, as we ask for your continuous support to work hand in hand with all of you. We continue to live with our motto “Uniting People…Upholding Values…Supporting Dreams”

From the bottom of our hearts we say a huge thank you and may the good lord continue to bless us all!!

Your San Pablo VC working hard for a better, safe, clean and healthy community!!!

Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Northwest

El unico que representa y siempre esta con la gente de Corozal Southwest es, Ramiro Ramirez. Bajo un Gobierno del PUP y Ramiro Ramirez, tendremos la representacion que merece nuestra gente de Corozal South-West.

#RamiroForCorozalSouthWest #PUPfiAllaWe

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown

Along with Councillor Albert Vaughan, I was pleased to welcome Mayor Bernard Wagner to join us in visiting and assisting two important schools in the Freetown Community, St Joseph’s Primary School and All Saints Primary School. We were greeted by the Principals of both schools and given a complete tour of the facilities and an update on their readiness for reopening on August 10th.

At St Joseph’s School a donation of some 33 Sanitizer Machines was made at a cost of some $2500. At All Saints Primary School a cash donation of $1000 was made to assist the school in its preparations. The health and safety of our students, teachers and staff must always be our number one priority.

Thanks to Mayor Bernard Wagner and his entire city council team for their support. THE WORK CONTINUES….


I join hands with all those paying tribute to the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) as it celebrates 50 years of service to the teachers and nation of Belize. The BNTU continues to be the strongest and most progressive national union in our Country. It has consistently stood up not only in support of teacher’s interest but also in the national interest.

The BNTU has earned the respect of the Belizean people over these past 50 years and we all have a duty and obligation to support their work in the years ahead.


Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai, Orange Walk South


El último viaje de la Zafra 2020……el último esfuerzo… la última gota!! Felicito a los cañeros porque ellos si…… se lo han ganado! The PUP is about love. The PUP is about Unity. The PUP is about you!! Welcome to the party!!


The Orange Walk South Working Committee met to discuss the campaign plan. Representatives from all villages except Fire Burn had a fruitful day. It was a wonderful day. Thank you Lord for such a lovely day!! They are also preparing for the visit of the Part Leader who is there to listen on Sunday August 2.

Hon. Mike Espat, Toledo East

The people of the Toledo District deserve an apology from Boots Martinez who is also the Minister of Human Development.

#sustainability #MakeBelizegrow

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

At the Belize City Council’s monthly Caucus, #theBusiness Addressing the floor, and speaking emphatically on an issue. My life’s work. #Service

Fresh off the Mesop Run for Change.

Fred Usher was able to bring together residents of Mesopotamia and Belizeans from Placencia, Cayo, San Pedro etc, to participate in a positive and meaningful event in Mesop. Proceeds from the marathon will help other young people in the community with sporting equipments. We continue to commend Fred and his entire team!

Fred and I would also like to thank all our sponsors: Mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner  |  Jack Quan  |  Public’s Super Market (downtown branch)  |  Patricia Ramirez  |  Those who donated refreshments  |  Those who prefer not to be named

Special recognition to my Mesopotamia committee, family, and friends. We will continue to serve, develop, and rejuvenate MESOP!

#mesopotamia #newbeginnings #bettermustcome

Congratulations to all winners and participants!!


While on the campaign trail in Mesopotamia. We found residents frustrated and ready for elections! Many older people are complaining of high blood pressure, intense stress, inability to afford medications because of the loss of NHI.Parents are worrying about how they will afford to send their children to school. Many people are still without jobs. They can’t take it anymore. The situation is real on the ground! #frustration #onthecampaigntrail #mesopotamia #BetterMustCome#MESOPRunForChange #BetterMustCome


Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

Visiting with the residents of Corozal Bay and Standard Bearer David ‘Dido’ Vega.

Change is in the hands of the people. Pablo has got to go.

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West

Se aproximan las elecciones generales, un momento decisivo y crítico para Belize. Cayo Oeste, una de las áreas más abandonadas aun así teniendo un Ministro con el ministerio más fuerte en economía. Pero sí, Cayo Oeste tiene mucho potencial, solo falta tener un buen representante que nos brinde la representación necesaria para abogar por un mejoramiento.

Our team campaigned in Arenal. We were joined by Dr. Amin Hegar who reminded voters of the many projects that were accomplished in the area by the PUP and assured the residents that the PUP with Milin, will bring much needed progress to the area.

The people expressed their concerns and stated that they aren’t asking for much but basic services that the local village council and that the area representative should be providing but has failed to do: 24-hour medical services, road rehabilitation and maintenance of streets and drains, assistance to farmers in the area and true representation from a leader who will be available to the people at all times and not only during election season.

MILIN is committed to making it possible. He is a man of integrity and serious in making things happen. ✅We will WIN❗ ✅ We will SERVE❗

#2020AÑODELCAMBIO No desperdiciemos esta gran oportunidad para nuestro pueblo. Miremos la situación de nuestros pueblos. No vamos a avanzar si seguimos cayendo en las mentiras y falsas promesas de los que solamente buscan tener el poder. Recuerden esto: no tendremos resultados diferentes si no intentamos algo diferente.

Esta vez no nos vamos a quedar atrás: ¡AHORA SI ESTAMOS LISTOS Y VAMOS A GANAR!

¡Tú lo haces posible! #tuvototienePODER #2020añodelCAMBIO

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

Hearing November 4th as the official date for general election, call it whenever you want you will feel the wrath of the Belizean people. I had a another excellent day in the village of Red Bank I can feel the love of the People they welcome me into their homes. The people know I always remain humble in and out of office, welcome onboard Basilio Mes and wife I can see the committee feel energize with your participation you bring a world of experience and ideas.

Second day of walk in Red Bank was a success. The people feel comfortable inviting me into there home’s and allowing me to get in their hammocks. Red Bank is the biggest Maya and Ketchi village in Stann Creek West. We will advance agriculture and find the market for their produce, we will make agriculture the backbone of the society and develop a marketing strategy.

Never before in my political career I have seen so many people want to register to vote. We will reach 9000 voters by month end.

If I walk your village already for this year it will be hard on me to do a second cycle this year. The lockdown slowed me down significantly so i am still walking some villages as I write. I will come for public meetings though. I want you to come out in numbers when the party leader come to visit your village have a nice day. We will put up notice of the date and time he will be in your village.

 Hon. Oscar Requena, Toledo West

Thank you San Jose for your great support today. Together, we join hands to work hard to make a Belize that works for everyone.

Will we hearing it from the man himself? Will we hear the reason why hundreds of poor families in the Toledo District have not gotten any kind of Covid relief. No money, no food. When we inquire from the Ministry of Human Development in Punta Gorda, no one knows anything, no response. Instead the poor people get the usual run around.

Ask our Alcaldes? Ask our chairman? They will tell you.

Yet all of us will pay back the millions being borrowed in the name of the people.

Then the man himself insulted the Toledo District.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central

Here in Hattieville helping out with a sign at the Health Center with Councilor Dwayne Castillo and Ms. Baptist.

Also, I collaborated with concerned Hattieville citizen Ms. Cheryl to provide schoolbags for over 100 children !!


I fully support the UB FACULTY AND STAFF UNION!

The faculty and staff along with the students of UB are the heart and soul of our National University. Their voices must be heard and respected! The Board of Trustees must not act in bad faith and make decisions that will impact faculty, staff and students without full and transparent disclosure of all relevant information including financial data and without full good faith consultations and discussions with these groups. STOP THE ARROGANCE AND DISRESPECT!!

 David J. Castillo, Corozal North

David Castillo hosting a neighborhood meeting in the beautiful village of Paraiso in the Corozal North Constituency. Present shoulder to shoulder with David Castillo was Mayor Rigo Vellos of Corozal. Other invited guests joined to share the good news of hope of the People’s United Party. It was a wonderful Sunday evening with the residents of Paraiso Village.

#PUPfiAllaWe #PlanBELIZE #DAVEforCorozalNorth

 Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

During this pandemic, we encourage you all to be conscious in practicing social distancing. We also encourage you all to ensure that your mask is worn properly. It is important that we comply with the authorities to help keep our beautiful Belize as Covid free as possible!

Let us all work together and do our part in helping to prevent the longevity of Covid-19🙏 “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed” -Mwai Kibaki

Often times we find ourselves desperate for political change. There’s a cry for novel leadership from the younger generation and I am here to fill that void! Change starts with us! The time is now!

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” -John F. Kennedy

Change starts with us and change starts now! I am here to make that change happen, one resident at a time. Thanks for welcoming me into your yards and homes to talk about how I plan to bring about that change. Together WE can✔️

#AllanPollardforQueenSquare #planBelize #TheTimeIsNow #ChangeStartsWithUs #CampaignTrail

Oscar Arnold, Collet

We cannot forget the fabric of our society, The youths big up to CYM Collet Youth Movement #TeamPolo


FIRST – Every Belizean should have access to a piece of land.

SECOND – Every Belizean should be able to own a decent home.

THIRD – Every Belizean should be given the chance to go to school from pre-school to junior college.

FOURTH – Accessibility to quality basic health care is critical, which means every Belizean should be enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program.

FIFTH and most important, the driving force behind it all is JOBS


Marconi Leal, Belize Rural North

Today the residents of Biscayne Village had the opportunity to meet and speak with BRN PUP Standard Bearer, Marconi Leal and team, as they went house to house in the community to hear the concerns of the people and share their mandate.

Castro is an EMBARRASSMENT and DISGRACE to the People of Belize Rural North! Edmond Castro is all about himself! He is not worrying about his party’s convention and worst his people! All he is focused on is his own pocket! How can we look up to someone who he himself is breaking the law, no Mask 😷! Yet poor people are getting charged for not wearing a Mask! This man has no shame! Wake up people of Belize Rural North! This man has failed in every way possible! He does not deserve to be a representative no more! Vote for a change! VOTE Marconi Leal 💙PUP

The PUP will win the next General Election! Change is coming to BRN! “Powered by the People! The Machinery is certainly fueling up! The The BRN Team is ready to work and ready to serve BRN! There is lots of of work to be done but the journey continues! CHANGE is NEEDED!

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga

On August 1 at the Benguche Center, Backpack with school items will be distributed to needy students. Basketball, bouncy House will be there. Food and pastries will be on sale.

We are in continued Solidarity with the workers who were handled wrongly by PBL and terrorized by the Government of Belize with tear gas and bullets.

Dr. Zab also has showed full support for the teachers and students of the University of Belize. He was even one of the speakers giving of his heart and his knowledge as his doctorate is in the education field.

Michel Chebat, Cayo North

In these trying times we must all do our part to make the lives of our children safe as August 10th approaches. Thank you to the Principals of Sacred Heart Primary School, Bishop Martin Primary School, Arms of Love Primary School, Bullet Tree Seventh Day Adventist Primary School and Bullet Tree Roman Catholic Primary School.

Thank you for giving your time to us and allowing us to contribute in your school’s preparedness for the commencement of the new school year! #TogetherWeCan


Our standard bearer met with stake holders in the tourism industry in Cayo North to listen to their concerns about opening the airport on August 15th. The Bahamas has once again closed its borders to the USA. Since opening July 1st they have seen a spike in cases. IS BELIZE READY TO OPEN?

Landy Habet, Cayo Northwest

Opening date for Primary School has been set for August 10. The Ministry of Education has imposed many conditions and requirements as measures to follow due to COVID 19. However, the MOE is not providing the resources for those requirements. One of the requirements is that of handwashing stations at the school before entering the classroom.

As it is many parents have not paid registration fees because they simply do not have it. Many cannot afford school uniforms, school bags and books.

While washing of hands is important, it will require a constant supply of paper towels and hand soap. It will possibly double or triple the water bill. This will further burden the school who will pass it on to the parents. Teachers and principals already have to provide their own supplies including Bristol boards, markers, chalk, white boards etc.

Yesterday, one of my committee members and I assisted the Chairman and Council of Duckrun One and the school principal to secure and install pipes and hand wash stalls. After opening the faucet we were treated to the unacceptable dirty water supply. Water that comes directly from the river. Water that is not filtered nor treated. Water that is used to wash but also for drinking by poor people. We must be able to do better than this in the Jewel.

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