It cannot get worse than this, except that we start to go hungry and begin looting and rioting for food.

The government has wasted, squandered and stolen all the people’s money, they are now forced to be begging and borrowing to buy food to feed thousands of desperate Belizeans.

In the name of God, how did our country come to this?

When the government had money they never bothered to set aside for the proverbial rainy day. They had hundreds of millions of dollars.

They had oil money from Spanish Lookout. They boasted of the 30 odd million spent on the Civic Center, which is unusable and unaffordable. There is the 40 million on Marion Jones Stadium, where not even the fence is complete and the cyclists cannot use the cycle track and the athletes can’t use the running track.

There is a new road from airport on the Northern Highway to 8 mile on the Western road. Thirty million for a useless and non-priority project that no one uses.

The list of waste and corruption is long and painful. Hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain and now the government has to be stealing thru the ever increasing price of petrol.

Borrowing so the large army of poor people can get some food to eat. It just cannot get worse than this. And yet, the worse is yet to come. Loss of jobs is coming.

Massive unemployment and salaries reductions are six months away. High cost of living, robberies, burglary, home invasions and violent crime is staring us in the face.

Our hearts grieve for the people of Belize.


In dashing for cover and trying to distance himself from the shameful shooting of stevedores last week, the Minister of National Insecurity exposed a frightening situation.

The Minister went on television to explain how Belize’s worst anti-workers incident happened. He said he was on the phone with Police Commissioner and it was a three way call with the Commander in charge of Belize City Police.

He said his “instructions” were clear. The stevedores would be allowed to remain on the Port compound until 2:00 p.m. or until the Supreme Court handed down its decision on an injunction. If they did not behave peaceful they would be cleared from the compound.

Did you get that? The Minister admitting that he is interfering in police work. Telling them when they were to use force on workers.

This is illegal. This is blatant political interference in the work of the police. There is nothing in the Police Act that even mentions that a minister is to direct or instruct police on how to do their jobs in keeping the peace.

So we have an idea of what happened. We know Dawson, the Commander is no fool. He didn’t reach his high rank by disobeying the Commissioner or by acting reckless.

The political instructions were clear. If the stevedores act up let them have it. Brute force and ignorance as the Commissioner described the behavior of the riot squad.

Which fool made the decision to use GSU as riot squad? That was a recipe for disaster. This group of police are the worst of its kind. Honourable Sedi Elrington called them goons and thugs. They have been unlawfully beating and chancing poor people for years. The U S A state department has roundly condemned their criminal behavior in written Reports to their Congress.

Not even during the riot in 1918 were the people shot by the British colonial masters. Not during Antonio Soberanis angry labour protesters were anyone shot in the 1930s. None of Belize’s worst anti-Guatemalan riots in the 1960s or Heads of Agreement civil uprising in 1981 were Belizeans shot by police. But a small gathering of stevedores were deliberately beaten, tear gassed and shot by Dean Barrow’s para military.

Why were these workers shot? There was enough teargas and every victim who displayed their multiple wounds were shot in their backs.

Someone has to pay for this outrage. And it cannot be scapegoat Dawson.


We should say the son also bribes, but this ain’t time for fiction writing.

The Prime Minister’s son was on television last week (sorry, we don’t mean the multimillionaire BTL one). We are talking the gangster rapper who spent eight years in American jail for gun violence and now plans to spend five years in Belize’s Parliament, with a lot of help from the corrupt UDP government.

There he was giving out house lots to “his’ constituents. Excuse us, the dude ain’t even elected and yet he is given special treatment. Two hundred lots were given away. With elections only three months away. Is that what is called bribery of voters?

The shyny one said it took him two years to finally get the land papers to give out.

Question! Students, if it takes the Prime Minister’s son two years to get land papers from the cesspool of corruption department, how long does it take the ordinary citizen to get his or her land papers? Correct answer- the 12th of never.

Bob Marley sang “Ambush in the Night” with lyrics slightly different from these. See dem bribing with land papers and covid money, trying to destroy our integrity; they think we don’t know what they doing; but Jah say tek dem money and vote dem out. Wooo!


Our illustrious brethren has surfaced. His brilliant submissions to Judge Sonya Young last week toppled the hypocritical posturing the government was trying to weave. After twelve and a half years of playing footsie with the Port of Belize, government wanted to fool the stevedores by applying for an injunction. The brave and outstanding Judge, quite correctly in law, ruled that the government was too late.

Before the ruling of the Judge, the same government ordered the GSU to tear gas and shoot down the stevedores in the worst attack on workers in the history of Belize.