I could fiercely and effortlessly devour the issues facing the faculty and staff at UB. After all, I was there for 10 of my 27 years as a nurse. I first served as the secretary for the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association -UBFSA- in 2009 through to the rank of president until my resignation in 2019. My fierceness approach in being actively involved in ‘issues’, both professional and national dates back to my childhood and my unprecedented successful career as a Registered Nurse. I know UB core human resource issues to my soul and what I don’t know to date, I can research with ease because the university community I knew then and still know now. My years-long activism was always to improve the standards for faculty and staff with no bars holds. So it was easy to digest the dynamics and write with the passion that these issues deserve. But even as I wrote a draft on UB, another issue was tugging at my heart that brought tears to my eyes. And it’s this issue, which I must now bring to our attention as a nation desperately in need of professional nurses!

Chrissy! Chrissy! Chrissy! Chrissy Young-Lamb! And I ask why her? But only God knows! Why such a beautiful young wife and mother and exemplary humble caring Registered Nurse? You might ask how it is that I can describe her so definitively! I can with great confidence and with no reservations because I was one of her lecturers at UB in the Bachelor’s Nursing program. This is Chrissy’s story on FB posted by her Aunt Lourdes Gordon of LA California.

Please meet my niece Chrissy Young-Lamb. She is a young Registered Nurse who has selflessly chosen a career which allows her to give back to the Community where she was born and raised in BEAUTIFUL PUNTA GORDA TOWN, BELIZE.  From a very young age, Chrissy knew she wanted to be in the healthcare profession and therefore chose her education path that would enable her to become a Registered Nurse.”

A few months ago, Chrissy started feeling ill and was hospitalized for short periods but was never diagnosed with any disease or illness until a couple months ago when her Doctor gave her one of the most painful diagnosis a young woman would hear: LUPUS.

For the past couple days, Chrissy has been hospitalized with severe aches all over her body and tests are being done in order to provide her with the most effective treatment that would assist her in coping with LUPUS, which sadly, has no cure and is VERY COSTLY to treat, especially in Belize.

When I spoke with Chrissy, she was thinking about EVERYONE ELSE including her patients and coworkers at the Clinic and her own family.  This is just the person Chrissy is and hence the reason she chose such career path.

I am writing this because Nurse Chrissy, her immediate family and our entire family and community need your kind assistance.
PLEASE find it in your heart, even though it’s understandably hard for some of us, to donate whatever you can so that we can assist with her medical bills and treatment and most of all, so that Chrissy can get back to her patients and her family.

With thanks, HOPE and GRATITUDE always,
Lourdes Gordon
Los Angeles, California

Read more here Forward this message to all your contacts to help this campaign reach its goal of $5000.00 US!

Please, my humble request on Chrissy’s behalf, for you to say some prayers for her and other patients with LUPUS and their families and make a contribution to her GOFUNDME account or to her Belize Bank account number 152963010220001 Crystal Young Lamb.