Hilly Bennett



“Problems that are left unattended have a habit of becoming crises”

“The wind whisper of fear and hate. We must be like the ox, and have no thought except for the Party and have no love, but for the Angka(leadership).” Choeung Ek, The Killing Fields.

The modus operandi of the United Democratic Party and its leadership regarding the incessant violence, the heinous murders, the aggravated robberies and home invasions is to relegate them to an afterthought. Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow has yet to issue a public statement denouncing the explosive and deadly situation affecting society. Tear drenched faces, wailing sirens and crying mothers have become the norm especially in the old capital.

The first and foremost purpose of any government is the security of country and people. Unfortunately, the incompetent, clueless UDP administration has failed miserably to constrain and alleviate the murderous situation.

The recent killing of Orin Velazquez owner of Ladyville popular pizza establishment have the Ladyville community up in arms. The death of a hardworking entrepreneur has provoked the ire of the Ladyville community and of Belizeans across the length and breadth of the Belize and beyond.

There is an unsettling feeling and desire for justice as well as revenge. This could compound this anomaly into a catastrophe. However, there is not a scintilla of effort by the government to address the stifling situation. Their concentration is on the party first, the holding unto power and to hell with country and people. Nonetheless, the security of our citizens is at stake and the underlying expectation is that the elected leaders will think coolly and strategically, advancing the national interest. The sad reality is that the UDP cares not. Consequently, the vicious trend continues and Barrow solution is the usual hubristic rhetoric – imagine the possibilities.

Contrarily, the Leader of the Opposition and Party Leader, John Briceño, announced, at the start of the Belize City tour in Freetown Belama phase 4, the PUP will tackle crime head-on. The PL asserted that a PUP Government will not allow society to be held hostage by a few criminals and declared war on the crime and violence.

For over a decade, the Barrow regime have allowed the cancerous situation to propagate unattended. Now it is a deadly crisis. Similarly, the economy as well as the health system of the Jewel is in crisis as result of this incompetent, visionless UDP Government. The country needs a healing balm. The country needs purification and a new political direction. Only with a change of this worthless government Belizeans will be able to breathe. Bottom line they got to GO!!