Voice of the Common Man: SEDI’S EPIPHANIC MOMENT

Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man

By Hilly Bennett

On Thursday June 26, 2020 the House of Representatives met in Belmopan to consider several Bills and Loan Motions. Introduced was Loan Motion 2020, U.S. $15,000,000 from IDB to enhance Belize’s social safety net. The monies is [supposedly] earmarked to assist the downtrodden, the disadvantaged lot grappling to survive what the Foreign Minister(FM) describes as a “long and dark period of hardship.” Undeniably, that period begun twelve years ago, years of misery and abuse by a corrupt kakistocratic UDP Government.

Upon responding to Toledo West representative Oscar Requena’s deliverance to Parliament regarding the IDB (new money) Loan Motion, Parliamentarians and television viewers became witness to SEDI’S Epiphanic Moment. Wilfred Sedi Elrington finally got it! The PUPs has been right—The UDP is visionless, incompetent and corrupt.

The experienced politician of 1964, albeit unusual, agreed with the representative from Toledo West and cunningly embraced the visionary BLUE print proffered by the PUP for the Jewel’s post COVID-19 recovery. Consequently, an indictment on the Barrow administration failings to act upon the obvious.

The shadow minister for agriculture Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai and the PUPs have beseeched the Prime Minister to divest from the chronic appetite for meaningless infrastructure, roads that lead to nowhere, and roundabouts, and invest in the people and country. The call for enhancing the country’s productive capacity and increasing of the trading capacity and the creation of opportunities for the citizenry is being held in total disregard. Barrow remains heedless to sound advice.

However, Sedi has taken heed as was displayed by his BLUEPRINT sermon, a plan to resuscitate Belize from this period of darkness. The FM recommended the importance of food security. Government need to engage with the productive sector. Obstacles must be removed in order for individuals to realize quality education. Sedi highlighted that the tiny island nation St Vincent and the Grenadines found money to buy some 300 computers for students. Belize with “wealth untold” has to make a loan to pay a loan. What travesty! Sedi claims that “Belize does not have the social safety net that other countries have.”

However, in the wake of their first term, the United Democratic Party Government touted the success of their politically contaminated Food Pantry, BOOST and CCTs social welfare programs. The programs that a regional advisor to social policy for the region stationed in Panama highlighted that the failures within the program were due to “errors of exclusion and errors of inclusion.” Meaning individuals that should have been included in the program did not qualify and those that should have been excluded was signed unto the programs. Therefore, Sedi was on point when he said, “I can understand the reservation and fear on the part of members on the other side who believe not without some measure of justification that the funds can be misused that is not beyond reason.”

One of the funds that was misused was the Alba-petro fund earmarked to alleviate the conditions of the poor. Honorable Julius Espat has maintained the need for auditing the petro monies, Pibil and all the included shenanigans.

Although, Sedi called his Party out to give the Belizeans the assurance that this new poor people money will be managed properly, the populace has lost confidence in the UDP and are demanding a new mandate. The time has come to an end to a worthless era. Perfected by Wilfred Sedi Elrington “the old era must come to an end.”