Barrow/Faber Painfully Planless


As Belize’s coronavirus numbers spiked principally due to citizens giving in the Texas-dollar via private jet and to the peso-Chetumal temptation spurred by economic need, Belize’s UDP tandem of leader of neglect Barrow and leader elect Faber had to pull the Philip Goldson’s International Airport off the runway from opening on August 15 and had to pullback the schools from resuming on August 10. Both were to occur smack in the middle of the super high risk Covid-19 once-in-a-centennial pandemic.

In an August 5, 2020 press conference, the UDP political machinery jumped on the coronavirus spike to announce to the nation that they had no plan.


Still, History

Even as parents, the BNTU, the Opposition, and the public were leading weeks ago that our borders were not being managed, that our children and teachers were being placed at high risk with August 10/15 Openings and that the USA may not be the best tourist feeder nation at the moment with their uncontained coronavirus spread especially at our main tourist departure outlet states to open, the UDP was unprepared.

Pablo was at his worse stark eyed deer performance. No, he beat it out with the August 6 performance. Even the moderator forgot he was there.

Faber finally realized schools could not open and announced he has NO plan B. Yet, he asks teachers to plan. Teachers cannot plan without a real workable time table. No wonder Faber is a failure he simply hopes that all will fix itself—he is the Champion of Corruption and Incompetence after all.

Not to be left behind, Barrow also blamed every citizen including border jumpers for our coronavirus spikes. As the UDP is wont to do, Barrow blamed everyone for the UDP inaction except the UDP. And he also had no immediate plan.

The only plan the people are waiting for is the real time unveiling #planBelize. The only arrival the people are clamoring for now is that of the new Prime Minister Briceño and the execution of said #planBelize that will show the coronavirus that it is no match for the indomitable Belizean dreams which will soon unfurl into a real nation of Belize that works for everyone.