Belly of the Beast



Kudos to the PUP for coming up with a real, concrete plan for education in Belize. It shows real vision and a determination to do right by the people. The next Prime Minister of Belize, our favourite cousin John Briceño said it best – this is not about casting blame. The PUP is not about that. This is about working together to ensure that ALL our youths have access to a relevant education – end of story. The UDP also has a plan for education. It’s the same plan Patsy Faber has had for the past 12 years, where they make education more and more expensive while harassing and abusing teachers. But now, because of COVID, the UDP has tweaked the plan. In addition to not doing anything for our children, they have now decided to cut the education budget, so those who are already struggling in the face of the pandemic can struggle some more. Can you imagine the possibilities? This crowd hafto goh!

Time to panic

Because Dean Barrow spent the last months scratching his old, shrivelled bolas, the nation is now facing an unprecedented health crisis. We all knew the second wave was coming. You would think that the UDP would have used the time to procure essential equipment, build proper facilities and train frontline personnel in critical areas. Can you believe that we still only have a few ventilators in the country and the Ministry of Health is now scrambling to train medical personnel in the use of those ventilators? Frontline health staff are complaining all across the country because their lives and the lives of their loved ones are being risked every day simply because those in power can give instructions from the comfort and safety of their mansions. We are not ready. We had months to prepare and we’re still not there yet. A couple weeks into this crisis and the Ministry is already overwhelmed and frontline staff are being infected with this deadly virus. We are living in dangerous times. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourselves and to protect family members. Stay at home as much as possible, limit your contact with other persons, wear your masks at all times and practice the proper hygiene protocols. It’s obvious that we can’t depend on the UDP and its bogus Minister of Health for any guidance in this. We’re on our own, people.

 Dih Plane

For a while now Grampa Dean and his mini-me, Uncle Mike have been bashing Belizeans for the pandemic being out of control. Uncle Mike says we are irresponsible because we can’t follow the rules. Grampa Dean says that we love bacchanal so much that we are responsible for the second wave. Damn those border jumpers, he said. We will lock them up, Big Mike said, while he played pretend soldier in the 500 yards of material needed to make that stupid looking camouflage uniform. But how when we find out that planes have been landing at the PGIA, sanctioned by the UDP. Barrow tried to play the fool at a press conference, suggesting that a plane landed which may have brought in an American with the virus. Then Heredia jumps in and says Barrow lied and the plane never landed. Then we get news that Heredia gave ‘special permission’ for the plane to land. Then CEO of National Security Lovell says that yes the plane did land, but revealed that it is not the only one that has landed since the PGIA was closed. In fact, apparently a lot of planes have landed carrying a lot of people. Belizeans need to know the truth. Who gave the permission for those planes to land? Who was in those planes? Were they properly vetted before being allowed in? The truth must come out.

Good Lord

Like all Belizeans we heard the reports that Boots Martinez would be running in Pickstock. We didn’t believe it. Hell, we still find it hard to believe even after Grampa Dean confirmed it. How desperate does the UDP have to be to bring back Boots after he ran from Gilroy in Port Loyola? Remember that Boots got into this thing as a pool repair man and turned into a multi-millionaire quick, fast and hurry. Remember this is the man with buildings all over the city. Remember his company, Housing for the Poor, which got rich off contracts from the Ministry of Works for houses that were never built. Remember the fake contractor who got money from Works and then had to deposit it into Housing for the Poor. Boots is a sick joke and would have been beaten like a cracked drum in Port. Now that he’s in Pickstock, Mahler will send him the rest of the way into the political grave. It is time for all the UDP to go. Call elections now, Grampa Dean.