Farmers Get Lick Again


Last Year 2019, the farmers and the entire agroindustry of Belize experienced a drought that decimated crop output and increased debt that is dragged down by the recession.

The UDP government keep lying about aid to farmers at Press Conferences but nothing ever really reaches the farmers. For example, PM Barrow offered a 2 million dollars that will be sprinkled to farmers. This was almost a year now. It is still in their imagination.

During the beginning of the Covid pandemic he dangled 50 million. Laughter was the reaction. Our Trump is criminal. Not even the Courts can move him to do what it right.

Hon. Jose Mai: “First it was the drought!!

Then came the government’s lock down on cattle exports to Guatemala together with the COVID 19 pandemic!

Then the heavy rainfalls in June!

We got away from the Ravaging Locust,

But we ain’t getting away from the wrath of the Frog Hoppers as they convert green and luscious pasture to yellow brown burnt-like dry matter which forces grazing as the last resort!

Above is an image of pastures in Blue Creek… but cane farmers are concerned of the havoc it will cause on an already economically stifled, agonizing industry.

How much more will farmers have to bear?

1 Corinthians 10:13

…… but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able…”