Health Policy Reach to Rural Belize


Julius Espat – Standard Bearer Cayo South

The People’s United Party appreciates and understands the need for a concentrated focus on our rural communities when it pertains to Community Healthcare. It is important that Primary Healthcare be addressed at the base. It is important to that our villages get access to clinics. It is important that our healthcare workers get a minimum wage at least where presently they receive a hundred dollars a month stipend which is unacceptable.

It is important that the clinics be staffed and it is important that clinics have the necessary equipment to be able to deal with the villages the issues that affect our villagers. We have examples in the rural communities, when a person gets a snake bite something that happens every day the person does not have access to the Western Regional Hospital District or other regional hospital depending on where they are.

So, it is important that our community Health workers are they and it is important that our health workers are properly equipped and that they are properly equipped so that they can be address the issues.

How will this affect our National Health policy? It will relieves the stress that is being presently put on our Regional Hospitals. If you can take care of the foundation if you can take care of the needs in the respective Villages then there will be less need for them to be transferred to the Western Regional hospital for example or in the Toledo District to the Southern Regional Hospital.

It is a very good thing that is being proposed here. A lots of professionals have been putting in their time and now that we are of the understanding and we know that NHI will be rolled out then all of this can fall into place easily. Thank You.