Letter: Blessed be the PUP and this John Briceño.


Dear Editor,

Short and sweet message…

Blessed be the PUP and this John Briceño.

Every time I listen to him I feel the country changing already. Like when he was with Barrow, he made Barrow look good.

Yesterday the PUP shone even greater as they added their plans to keep us healthy and care for us that cannot.

The PUP makes it so, so clear. In the face of a dismantled UDP, the hope that there is brilliance in Belize is a sigh of relief.

Someday soon I will be a grandparent and I wish the best for my daughter and son as they start fending for their life in a Belize with an UDP that is so unforgiving.

May the Good Lord place more of his hands on the health of Belize. Soon we will be in more capable hands.

Thanks for the little corner,


Real Belizean

Thank you!

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