Message from the President of the Belize Youth Movement


Karim Adle

The Time to Uplift Belize is Now

As Belize spirals out of control with government seemingly having lost control of the pandemic, we again sit at a very dire position. Our little Jewel was blessed to be one of the last countries on earth to provide a positive case and even after what was dubbed the first wave, we were again blessed with a 6 month period before the numbers began to skyrocket. It is in this time that a prudent and visionary government should have taken to preparing for the inevitable. It is in this time that government should have stacked up on more, needed equipment. It is in this time that government should have fixed their mistakes and righted the ship and, for once, place the lives and wellbeing of people above their greed. Did this happen? In short, let me respond with an emphatic, NO!

Instead of listening to the people they invested in more projects, I can recall the FFB bleacher project in Belmopan and many others. While people were struggling to make ends meet, government continued to borrow and borrow. I guess this is what you get when you elect a Barrow as PM (no pun intended), his now infamous words, “I will borrow and borrow until I cannot borrow no more.” All these debts incurred have gone unaudited, unaccounted for and more importantly they have not been going where it is needed as can be seen by the explosion of cases and the dire conditions of our health facilities in this country.

The present day government continues to hide and dismisses any revelations against their incompetence as a time of politicking during a pandemic. They however, forget that they are elected to serve and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the people. Let us look at the global tragedy that occurred in Lebanon, as a result of that the entire government resigned as they had clearly not represented the people; it is time for that to occur here in Belize. It is time for all of them to go! It is time for them to make way for a government that will invest in health and out the safety and wellbeing of the people over the personal needs. We need a government that is revolutionary and will not see borrowing as the only means of sustaining a dying economy.

As the second wave wreaks havoc on our beautiful Belize, we are again back at square one with people losing their jobs, food on the table being hard to come by and with the small relief program lagging applications and processing them in a snail-like manner.

Let us remember all that when they come with their new slogan that states because your future matters. If our future mattered to them they would have invested accordingly. They would not have placed priority on a 180 million dollar road project to nowhere while our health facilities dwindles in mediocrity. It is time for real and meaningful change and now more than ever we need a government that can take us out of the economic depression and get people back to work and on the right path.

I would like to end off this article by encouraging all our readers to continue practicing the safety protocols and to wish those infected with the virus God’s blessing and to remind them that they are not alone in this fight. May they be granted the strength and mental fortitude to overcome it.

Also I appeal to all those who stigmatize the infected to urge them to please consider the idea that no one choses to get infected and anyone can get infected!

Stay safe Belize, we will overcome!