Petty, The New UDP Norm


Patrick Faber sits literally opposite to the side of where the Prime Minister sits. Petty Patrick Jason is in denial as he attempts to slough off the UDP imposed ‘elect’ title in front of his name.

Patrick’s problem is twofold. He in his best Pablo mimicry throws a temper tantrum in the House all in vain. One cannot remove a Party tag with a Parliamentarian solution. Faber was sworn in as leader elect. He raised is right hand in front of the world and swore to be a good leader elect.

Now his tantrums are a show as he tries to say he doesn’t want the ‘elect’ any more and that he has to wait until his amo y señor Barrow calls a General Election and for his corrupt incompetent UDP to win an election(not for many terms) and for him to be re-elected in Collet who is waiting to vote for Oscar and to fight off John Saldivar in upcoming conventions. Yes there will be another convention without Barrow placing his thumb on the scale for one side and Vega on the next.

So, on August third, Faber rants that he wants the Prime Minister in waiting, John Briceño, to say he was in favor of opening the PGIA. Faber felt this was his saving grace and his anointment. Well, John Briceño properly and verbally slapped Faber into the reality that he will never really be Prime Ministerial material whilst calling him a wannabe. Faber’s innate pettiness and immature tantrums are only surpassed by his horribly blurred vision and thorough lack of expertise on anything that can lead Belize into the levels of progress needed out of our Covid-19 super-crisis and beyond.

It seems that Faber and the UDP gang are just attempting to artificially mount a post Barrow succession plan. As usual too late, their 13 years of inaction on that front just glares of UDP incompetence. At the House, they are seen fumbling on the basic reading of motions in passing Bills that they had been content to have Barrow ram through. So Barrow became an expert at manipulating our laws but the minions never did learn past Standard Three. The UDP can’t even read, much less lead a country.

Faber you will move into Belize’s history as a perpetual leader-elect. Get used to it Faber, don’t get petty now. Relax, Yellow is in your corner now. Do you trust him?