PUP Strongly Opposes Southside State of Emergency


Includes Excerpts from the Debate on August 3, 2020

Special Sitting of the House of Representatives

Extension for 60days of the State of Emergency on the Southside of Belize City.

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño: Madame Speaker, it is really a sad day that one day after we celebrated Emancipation Day that we are locking down Southside yet another time. In effect we are restricting the movement of black people in the Southside. I think it would have been much more exciting if the government would have come today, the day after Emancipation Day to come up with a bold and exciting plan on what we would have done to fight crime in the Southside. …We certainly regret that it has come to this.”

On July 6t 2020 the UDP acknowledged that they had no answers to crime that was spiralling all over the country. So in angst and incompetence instead of resigning they moved their crosshairs in the form of a State of Emergency to their usual target—Belize City’s Southside where poverty and hopelessness has been sown 12 years ago by the United Democratic Party. They are reaping today.

Now on August 3, in a sudden summon of a House Sitting the Prime Minister tabled a bill that extends this abuse of power unto and denial of the inalienable rights from the Southside poor. On its inception, doors were literally kicked down in the wee hours of the morning as the government swooped in with a totalitarian force. This is definitely not the wish of the majority of people, not by a long stretch of imagination.

You would think that the SIX Southside Ministers would defend their constituents’ rights to be free. The logical thing would be that they would attempt to be innovative in initiating some ‘stimulus’ after 12 years of failure which could curb the lives of the Southside youths. But that’s not the UDP. They are trying to stretch their infamy all the way to their bitter constitutional end.

The PUP are at this point with a clear vision and they made it known.

Freetown Representative, Hon. Francis Fonseca:

“Let me place in two points our united commitment to guard jealously the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people we serve. A declaration of this nature of the creation of a state of emergency was never intended to be used arbitrarily or reflexively as a response to rising crime or fighting crime. A big emergency must always be used very sparingly and never done lately because we are dealing with the fundamental rights and freedoms of people. So there must be proper justification proper, support for doing so. The very motion say ‘having been satisfied.’

There is a high standard or bar in a declaration of a State of Emergency. There must be strong evidence.

Second, we need to add the caveat that our security forces and those responsible for the execution and the implementation of these declarations and public emergencies. They should understand that this is no license to abuse people. That this is no permit to arbitrarily or improperly abuse or violate any rights or freedoms that our people enjoy. They have a sacred duty to protect the right of these citizens.”

In his usual Faberian Fluster the unqualified and visionless UDP leader elect went on to say that he does not care for the minority. As with the rest of the UDP at the House sitting on August 3, Faber had a confused take on the latest attack on the Southside whom he claims have love for him. The UDP were in the house to extend a State of Emergency on the Southside of Belize City nothing else except tighten their grip on the poor.

What can you expect from the latest champion of corruption and incompetence?

In the same breath, Barrow, Faber, et al claimed that the Southside SoE extension was not a solution yet were determined to toe the confused UDP crookedness just for the sake of being in Cabinet and a part of the heartless and solutionless UDP.

Sedi Embarrasses Barrow

Wilfred Elrington is now known as one who cannot heed his own advice. His relevance at this House sitting is only surpassed by his irrelevance. At the August 3, HoR debate on the SS SoE extension, he was the first UDP(just before Faber copycatted) to say the bill was not a solution. Thereafter, he went on to derisively say the UDP had failed the young Southside residents and that the UDP did nothing in 12 UDP long years to ensure their success. But Wilfred capped it by ensuring he got paid for a couple more months for doing nothing. He supported the bill since he is in Cabinet.

Hon. Julius Espat Lashes out at Elrington

All the Elrington openness sparked the ire of our PUP’s Hon. Julius Espat who minced no words in pointing out the hypocrisy of the man who is now an unwanted imposter feigning at being the representative for Pickstock. Espat stipulated that Sedi should be ashamed of being a UDP. Crickets could be heard from the UDP gaggle who were visibly awestruck at the verbal castigation of the duplicitous artificial one.

Julius Espat: “But talk is cheap. Madame Speaker this gentleman the member from Pickstock sat in cabinet for the entire 12 years of his Party’s government. He had all the power in his hands to make a difference, to invest, to do everything that he is saying now Madame Speaker. Now at the time when he decides not the run he is becoming sanctimonious. That is hypocrisy at its highest. Ridiculous. Everything that he just said should have been implemented in 2008”

Espat chided Elrington and the UDP for imposing the SoE extension on Belize’s Southside when they should be offering job opportunities. Why does Elrington not resign and be honourable? Espat suggested that question to Sedi who seemed to be on a ‘G1’ move given his new found irrelevance.

Hon. Espat rounded off by saying the every UDP “should be ashamed” of having supported Barrow’s government.

 Hon. Oscar Requena, Toledo West

I want to say that the time has come that we put all or hands on the wheel to see how we can find a long-term sustainable solution to the problem that is faced by our people in the Southside. They are human beings too and we must care for them, we must work with them and ultimately find a way to make Belize a better place.