PUP’s Fight Against Illegal Transfers


People Protest by Corozal Standard Bearers

The people of Corozal lead by the PUP Standard Bearers have had enough. This past Friday they showed their discontent with the handling of Transfers by the Elections and Boundaries office. The practise of moving people from one house to another to gain advantage in an election is illegal. This illegality it more pronounced when the house being moved into is only an office building or an empty lot or to a house fit for one person.

But the UDP is doing it all. They are taking UDPs from constituencies they feel can give up their UDP voters to constituencies that may be on the balance. But if a person has not resided in the new constituency for two months then he or she CANNOT transfer. The Elections and Boundaries seems to be in cahoots and allowing those transfers by UDP even when a person DOES NOT reside at the new stated address. In most cases, the transferee does not even know where they are being moved.

UDP campaign goons have been openly offering money on Social media for people willing to transfer.

The UDP are desperate. Such desperation comes from the fact that they will lose. But, the PUP is showing leadership as of now that they will not allow the UDP to even attempt to steal this coming General Elections. The UDP has got to GO.

David ‘Dido’ Vega for Corozal Bay, David Jesus Castillo for Corozal North, Hon. Florencio Marin for Corozal Southeast, and Ramiro Ramirez for Corozal Southwest will lead Corozal away from the UDP and into prosperity with the PUP and Party Leader John Briceño.

Justice prevails: Illegal Transfers Revoked

Justice prevails but we must continue to press on. 6 people were illegally transferred into Los Tambos and we fought to have those transfers revoked in court this morning. We still believe in our justice system; they have revealed truth and inconsistencies. We still believe that we are right and are justified in defending our people.

My good people of Cayo Northeast, we will not allow the current administration to steal this election. We’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt illegal registrations and transfers are happening here in our constituency. These 6 were only of 15 objections up until July 10th. From July 10th until now there are a further 95 illegal UDP applications for registrations in Cayo Northeast. We are making it known that we will continue to object to every single illegal registration by the UDP into Cayo Northeast.

Forward we go, against corruption in all forms, starting with voter suppression. We will continue fighting to protect your rights and we will expose those who seek to manipulate us. The work continues.