Remarks on the Health Policy Rollout


Hon. Orlando Habet, Standard Bearer Cayo Northeast

Welcome! This morning, we are glad to present to you our #planBelize Policy on Health. For us on the PUP, Health is a human right. This is such because Belizeans are demanding equitable Healthcare for all. We do this especially for those who are on the margins of society particularly the poor, indigenous, and elderly in our nation.

For our party Health sense is common sense. Accordingly, the PUP government will develop an integrated h national health system for Belize where the main goal is Universal Health coverage for everyone. Because we are committed to excellence in clinical and Primary Health Care we will work with all partners who engage in health services that can be measurable by the outputs and outcomes for whom it is supposed to serve.

We endeavour to bring out the best in the public and private sectors to contribute to the short and long-term quality, efficiency and financial sustainability of the system. Over the past 13 years the UDP administration spent close to 2 billion dollars in the Ministry of Health.

Currently our public health system is on the verge of collapse and Belizeans have lost all confidence on those that run that system. For their record is truly one of failure marred by rampant corruption and incompetence. It is this failure that now bares naked for all to see the inability of the system to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

It will be our task to fix this. Our plan will start to drastically decrease lifestyle diseases. We must do this because our model will proactively seek to prevent avoidable diseases while keeping Belizeans healthy. Every child must learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and parents must do their part in an effort. Every adult must do their part in an effort to prevent chronic diseases.

And government must lead in the work to make us a healthier nation. For our health is our wealth. With a PUP government our Health sector will not only be viable but will contribute to the country’s economic growth and sustainable human development. To this end we say that by 2025 Belize aims to achieve Universal Health Coverage. That by 2025 Belize will have quality, essential, Healthcare services.

Before 2025, Belizeans will have access to safe, effective, quality and affordable, essential medicines and vaccines for everyone. A new partnership must and will emerge where local and international stakeholders will work together to the decrease malnutrition and obesity, increase life expectancy, reduce maternal and child mortality and mitigate the burden of non-communicable and infectious diseases in our nation.

Today, we will roll out a plan that is practical affordable and one that will ensure a healthier nation. So join us in this accord, for this too is in line with our work to build Belize that works for everyone.

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