Saldivar Replaces Khalid


So John Saldivar is the real Mayor of Belmopan.  The 72Hr tranches posterboy revealed to Belmopan constituents that he is really in charge and not Khalid Belisle. In a FB post, Saldivar is effect issued Belisle’s resignation and rationale for doing so. Without missing a beat, Saldivar quickly reposted under the guise of economic jargon who the replacement will be.

So when Belmopan thought they were voting for a real man in a young mind all they got was a Saldivar push over who has decided enough is enough. Khalid will, on his own timing, reveal to the world, Dermen-like, that Saldivar really was pulling the strings and has been at the helm of selling the greens and not paying Social Security for the City Council workers. Saldivar also is the mastermind behind the PSU’s hilltop sale.

The Real Wannabe Leader-elect John Saldivar has been exposed in 2020 for all his worthlessness. Belmopan has seen who Saldivar really is from Utah to Miami to Belmopan.  Everyone knows now he accepted money on behalf of his ego and how he lied to many people. He lied to Cabinet about accepting cash and details. He lied to Belize when he said that he accepted the tranches to help his constituents pay their light bills. Saldivar lies got so twisted that when he said he didn’t bring money into Belize then how did he help with the light bills? Conundrum!

As a matter of fact Lev Dermen was found guilty of defrauding the US government of a billion US taxpayer dollars–money laundering, fraud, conspiracy etc., ten counts.

Message to Belmopan: Were the bags-full of money passed to Saldivar clean? Most likely yes. According to the Utah’s courts Dermen money has laundered money and from US taxpayers.

Lastly, what did Dermen get in return for the tranches?

Oh, who did Saldivar replace Khalid with? He replaced him with no one of consequence. Your question says it all. Who?

Belmopan will soon replace all of them. They GOT TO GO!!