Standard Bearers with their Constituents


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Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes, Orange Walk North

As we may know by now, COVID-19 cases in the Orange Walk District have been increasing. We want to take the time out to thank all our frontline workers who risk their lives for others! We urge that you protect yourself and loved ones by:

  1. Washing your hands
  2. Practicing social distancing
  3. Wearing a mask
  4. Seeking medical advice at 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-2273) hotline.

Together we are strong! Together we fight! Together we can beat it!

Kevin Bernard, Orange Walk East

I am happy to report that All of my OW East Office Staff, myself included received our result of our test and We are ALL NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE!!! I ask all residents to please listen to official information from the Health Authorities and please let us not compound fear by spreading false information.

We are in this together, but we must also be responsible when sharing any form of information.///

We need CHANGE. Nothing is happening in the east under the red. Kevin Bernard is the man for the East. I can’t wait fi general election fi vote out the red. Our area needs a representative weh look out fi everybody. Kevin is that man urgent change we need.///

Illegal transfers: In OW East we will do the same with all those person that came to register in OW East but lives in places like: Guinea Grass  |  August Pine Ridge  |  Progresso  |  Ladyville  |  Trial Farm  |  San Jose  |  Sarteneja  |  Punta Gorda.

We must stop the illegal transfers and I hope that all those persons who did so purposely; be charged to the full extent of the law. I will not list the names of those families, but I am sure they know exactly who they are.

The illegal addresses these people went to transfer to include: Unity Street  |  Bliss Drive  |  Sittee River Street  |  San Jose Palmar  |  Carmelita Village addresses  |  Rain Tree Drive  |  and many more. We are vigilant and we will fight to ensure these people get off the list. #Endcorruptpractice #timeforachangeinoweast///

I can definitely guarantee that this September there will be NO Parade and No Block Party. All events will be celebrated Virtually for the safety of our wider citizenry. Let’s be responsible and fight this pandemic together. Please follow all protocols and please let’s stop the discrimination and hate towards our fellow Belizeans. COVID19 knows no boundaries, neither race, religion nor creed.

So I implore on all Belizeans countrywide, to brace this pandemic by doing what is right.

Stop the contrabanding, Obey the law, and the rules and regulations. Let’s protect each other.

Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Fort George

Despite the uncertainty of schools reopening due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fort George constituency carried through with a commitment towards helping with Back to School efforts.

In addition to the daily rounds and reaching out to Fort George residents, they selected lucky winners for four weeks to receive a Back to School assistance package. All that was needed as to follow the instructions. Have a great day! Winners can be found on the Fort George Pup Facebook page

Oscar Mira, Belmopan


My dear friends: As you are aware, Belize is experiencing another outbreak in Covid 19 cases. It is in our hands to control, contain and defeat this virus if we follow simple but effective measures. Avoid unnecessary travel. Practice social distancing. Wash hands regularly with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available. And of course, wear your mask but wear it properly. Let’s all do our part and support our authorities in doing theirs. Be safe and be well.///

I want to thank the good people in our Party who have donated frames for our Billboards as well as printing of the banners themselves. We appreciate all donations and I do think It looks good! Thank you for contributing to the change we so desperately need. Prosperity and Security for All! #TeamMira #PlanBelize #Blu

It is in our hands to control, contain and defeat this virus if we follow simple but effective measures. Avoid unnecessary travel. Practice social distancing. Wash hands regularly with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available. And of course, wear your mask but wear it properly. Let’s all do our part and support our authorities in doing theirs. Be safe and be well.///

There is so much more to George Price’s vision to Belmopan as the capital. He was looking at the interior of the country and wanted agriculture to be the leading economic pillar of our economy and moving the capital inland meant that new areas could be opened up and the resources of the area can finally be used for the prosperity of the people. He set for us a good foundation. It is now up to us to take it all the way home and build a safe, modern and prosperous capital city. We can do it! We will do it because we stand on the shoulder of men and women of courage. It is time to renew the vision and be bold again. Happy 50th Anniversary Belmopan!///

I was made aware of a post by the father of Mayor Khalid Belisle, accusing me of not “mixing” with poor people. I am not ashamed to say that not only have I been “mixing” with poor people for all my life, but I also experienced harsh poverty growing up.

Many of you who know me and know my family know that we come from a humble, hardworking background. We lived in a small thatch-roofed home in Salvapan, that at the time we had no electricity or running water. My parents did everything they could to provide for myself and my 9 siblings, and for that I am forever grateful. At 18 years old I joined the Belize Defence Force and proudly served in various roles over the span of 22 years.

My siblings and I worked our way out of poverty through education and perseverance, and we have never forgotten where we came from. For several years we have quietly invested in sports and education for families all around Belmopan. We did this not because we wanted praise or a pat on the back, but because we know first-hand what it is to struggle. It is low and disgraceful for my opponent and his operatives to try to smear me with such obvious, easily disproved lies about myself and my family.

Perhaps their time would be better spent looking in the mirror and asking what this administration has done for poor people in the past 12 years.

Orlando Habet, Cayo NorthEast

Hablemos, Let’s Talk!

I thank Javier and Marisa for inviting me today. I thank you, the viewers and listeners for your input.

We talked about ongoing illegal voter registration and transfers from Unitedville, Teakettle, Armenia and Hopkins. Falling prey to bribery, does not help you. Selling your vote, does not uplift you. We must stand together and fight against corruption in every aspect. We must stand up for what is right and fair.

My people of Cayo Northeast, I am asking for your continued support and for the opportunity to make an actual change in our constituency once we are in Government. We have been forgotten under this administration and they have punished us.

We the representatives must serve you and push your interests forward. Only then we will be able to build a Belize that works for everyone. Todos ganamos con Landy! We all win with Landy! #VoteBlu #planBelize #planificarBelize

Last Monday we were called to the National Assembly to debate and pass some bills and in particular, the motion to extend the State of Emergency in the South Side of Belize City in order to curb crime. It is very unfortunate that this is what we have to resort to; locking down an area because the current administration has failed to improve the lives of the residents and keep them safe. Poverty Alleviation projects, initiatives and social institutions like the Samuel Haynes’ Institute for Arts exist. How is it that after 12 years, crime has spiked exponentially? While these programs were put in place, their effectiveness was not measured. They were built to fail. It does not come down to just having access to these programs and skills; there needs to be guidance to nurture these programs to create productive skills, disciplines and habits for our citizens.

The current administration keeps applying band aid solutions to every problem this country faces. Crime? Negotiate with the Gangs, put the area on lockdown, create some programs and abandon them. Belize’s increasing debt? Borrow until we can borrow no more with no plan to repay. Infrastructure? Unprecedented spending like we have never seen before on roads only. We own no government offices, jobs were nowhere to be found once projects were completed, and the roads did not last after 14 hours of rain. Port of Belize workers protest impending termination? Deploy the force of the GSU to fire into a peaceful crowd and file an injunction on behalf of the workers with the Supreme Court as an attempt to save face. On Poverty and Pro-Poor policies? Wait 12 years after being in power to magically come up with all the answers, our poverty rate has not been reduced. A recent UNICEF study shows that 50% of children under the age of 15 are classified as poor and 58% of Belize’s youth under 18 are classified as multidimensionally poor. It’s obvious, this UDP administration is 100% hell bent on keeping us poor. Dehn got to go!

 Andre Perez, Belize Rural South

The UDP government has signed a $10 Million USD agreement for phase 2 of the Caracol Road Project and yet Ambergris Caye, with a population of more than 20,000 residents STILL can’t get its HOSPITAL?! How long has Heredia known that he is lying to the face of the people? If Dean Barrow had not said it LIVE on the media the residents of San Pedro and Caye Caulker would have NEVER found out.

The lies are endless and the people have had enough. We will be holding you accountable, your time is up.

For years Heredia has promised the residents of San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker a piece of land. Who is actually living on this promise land? With electricity and running water?

For over 12 years, both islands have not received any housing projects. No opportunity to families so they can stop renting and own their homes.

Now we are in a pandemic and our residents continue to suffer. One of the major problems is housing. Residents of our islands had no option but leave their rented apartments because of losing their jobs and income.

Our people deserve better. Our people deserve a housing project that is affordable and one that works for ALL. Our people deserve land with the necessary utilities available not unfilled mangrove/swamp without any electricity or water.

Heredia your chance to deliver us a housing project is gone. The people are taking your lee piece a land but they will vote you OUT.

Many of our residents remain without jobs while others are on half salary. Getting children back to school has been one of the greatest struggles that parents face as the beginning of school year approaches. Both islands are in desperate need of more classrooms and an affordable education. The UDP under Heredia has been promising both islands that more classroom will come, more schools will be opened and 17 years later we are still waiting. There will be no more waiting as his time is coming to an end in 2020. #VICTORYWITHANDRE  #WEDESERVEBETTER

 Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Southwest

In San Narciso, although it was a rainy day, we still completed our task of cleaning our community police station. Sadly, it had been abandoned for several years and our village youth group today made and amazing job! This is one out of many projects sponsored by Mr. Ramiro Ramirez. Together we will bring progress to the forgotten villages of Corozal Southwest.

Also, I want to give thanks to the Libertad PUP Committee for a cleaning up Campaign that was done today at Libertad Village to minimize the risk of Dengue and malaria in the village.Keeping Beautiful Corozal South west and the rest of Belize.

El unico que representa y siempre esta con la gente de Corozal Southwest es, Ramiro Ramirez. Bajo un Gobierno del PUP y Ramiro Ramirez, tendremos la representacion que merece nuestra gente de Corozal South-West.

#planBelize #RamiroForCorozalSouthWest #PUPfiAllaWe

 Anthony Mahler, Pickstock

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown

We celebrate our youth.











Elected PUP Area Representatives DO NOT have access to Land, Education assistance, Health assistance, Pantry and Boost assistance, Unemployment assistance, Food assistance, Housing assistance or Infrastructure Development assistance to provide for the people and communities that they represent and were duly elected to serve.


have full access to and authority over Land and taxpayers money to use in their campaigns. Illegally and unethically they go around from house to house offering voters land and government $ to be deposited into your personal bank account.


Oscar Arnold, Collet

We donated masks and thermometers to schools in the Collet area. This will aid with their preparations to reopen for the new school year. I want to say thank you to principals Mrs. Góngora and Ms. Makhweli from Gwen Lizaraga H.S. And Unity Presbyterian Primary School. #maskup



NHS 2020 Graduation ceremony. As we celebrate another crop of graduates beginning another chapter in their young lives, I can’t help but realize that this is why I aspire to be a representative of the people. These young women and men are our future, we must ensure we build a country they can be proud of and one that they can continue to mould into the Belize we all deserve. #NHSclass2020.//

The Strength of our PUP Collet Women #TeamPolo

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

Rough days ahead

-The number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase

-our frontline workers are under equipped

-poor Belizeans are charged for COVID-19 related infractions; meanwhile, the rich and famous host and attend super spreader events with impunity

-PM said he would borrow until he can’t borrow anymore, saddling us with debts on debts

-Many people still have not received government relief from the first cycle

-the system malfunctions for many when they try applying for this second cycle

-yet, certain standard bearers related to him are out paying Belizeans $100 and $50 to transfer votes or to register

-many people remain unemployed

-yet, they are faced with the imminent costs of sending children to school when school reopens

-Belizeans continue to suffer having little to no access to money, and there are still uncertainties about health and food supplies in the immediate future

-but, there is the belief that money will appear on Election Day to buy votes. All the millions will suddenly appear.


Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


We will WIN! We will SERVE! #2020AÑODELCAMBIO

The sentiment in every household as we do the house to house campaign in Cayo West is the same: We need a change. The people are fed up with the false promises and abandonment. The neglect is evident! Election after election, the same story! Our country is headed in the wrong direction, and only we the people can change that!

We are launching our #IWILLVOTE campaign. Join our blue army. We will fight. We will listen. We will deliver.


#Elections2020 #YearofCHANGE #POWERisinyourhands

#RISE #VOTE #WINSe aproximan las elecciones generales, un momento decisivo y crítico para Belize. Cayo Oeste, una de las áreas más abandonadas aun así teniendo un Ministro con el ministerio más fuerte en economía. Pero sí, Cayo Oeste tiene mucho potencial, solo falta tener un buen representante que nos brinde la representación necesaria para abogar por un mejoramiento.

MILIN is committed to making it possible. He is a man of integrity and serious in making things happen. ✅We will WIN❗ ✅ We will SERVE❗

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

I am convinced that all men are created equal. If you discriminate obviously the other person will discriminate against you. I am in politics since 2003 and I treat all persons the same regardless of color, race or religion. I am able to navigate all sectors I am welcome into all their homes. Do you see the color of my skin? i am a black man and the majority of people in my constituency are Hispanics and Mayas. If they were discriminative I would not be their representative today. I work with them equally and am fair to all of them. I love all of them unconditionally and I will do my out most best to represent all of them under a PUP government without prejudice favoring one group over the other.///

As an opposition member I am given only $ 7000.00 dollars per month if you divided that by 9000 that you get 0.78 cents per voter dividing Forth George $ 7000.00 dollars by 1650 voters you get you get $ 4.24 per voter.

My opponents keep telling the voters I get $7000.00 per month and they are not getting their share. As I visit the villages I meet very sensible voters who do the maths themselves and realize it does make any sense The economy is ruined by this pandemic and people are really in need. I wish I could address all their needs. I do the best I can but I have grave limitation. The Prime Minister is now talking about an economic plan when his time is up.

He had 12 years to boost this economy and he did nothing as the pandemic came the country is broke. Belizeans decision 2020 is yours.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

Now more than ever, we need to #maskupbz

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central

Hon. Mike Espat, Toledo EastWe are ready. We shall overcome

David ‘Dido’ Vega , Corozal Bay

Hon. Oscar Requena, Toledo West

I want to personally thank all the barbers who volunteered today with the “back to school haircut initiative”, spearheaded by Bevin Cal and the San Pedro Columbia Village Council.

This is the community spirit we should all promote and support. It is great to see our villagers volunteering and serving. Was happy to support the initiative.

Once again, thank you guys. Together for San Pedro Columbia Then the man himself insulted the Toledo District.///

Due to the restrictions Imposed by the GOB. The rising cases of Covid-19. The Party Leader Tour of the south will be rescheduled. The Rally that we had planned will be rescheduled to a further date. I know many of you were ready to show the Blue Wave In Toledo west. But for now our Safety comes first. We will reschedule to a further date.

Stay Safe; Wear Your Mask; And Stay Blue; Stay PUP.  ### True Blue##

 David J. Castillo, Corozal North

Cristo Rey Is ready for Change! Cristo Rey PUP committee working hard with the people to bring change for thier village. The people are tired of Hugo Patt and his broken promises. The people of Cristo Rey are ready to vote for David Castillo and the PUP!

Our candidate DAVID CASTILLO along with Corozal North Campaign Team and the Patchakan PUP Committee had their first successful yard meeting this past Sunday.

We would like to thank our special invited guest Mr Roy Rodrigues and especially all the people that came out to support. The people of Patchakan are ready for a change. The people of Patchakan are tired of having a deputy prime minister and minister of lands living in their village and not doing anything for his people. Change is coming with David Jesus Castillo!

#daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscomming

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

Hi everyone! In light of the increase in Covid-19 cases we strongly urge you all to be safe and take the necessary precaution to protect yourself and your family.

#AllanPollardforQueenSquare #TheTimeisNow #planBelize #BasketballFreeStyle

During this pandemic, we encourage you all to be conscious in practicing social distancing. We also encourage you all to ensure that your mask is worn properly. It is important that we comply with the authorities to help keep our beautiful Belize as Covid free as possible!

Let us all work together and do our part in helping to prevent the longevity of Covid-19🙏 “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed” -Mwai Kibaki

Often times we find ourselves desperate for political change. There’s a cry for novel leadership from the younger generation and I am here to fill that void! Change starts with us! The time is now!

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” -John F. Kennedy

Change starts with us and change starts now! I am here to make that change happen, one resident at a time. Thanks for welcoming me into your yards and homes to talk about how I plan to bring about that change. Together WE can✔️

#AllanPollardforQueenSquare #planBelize #TheTimeIsNow #ChangeStartsWithUs #CampaignTrail

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga

Joseph Guerrero in support of Dr. Zabaneh: So Far Hon Frank “pawpa” Mena quiet on the violence against Garinagu in Honduras. Dr Louis Zabaneh gets kudos for speaking up!

Dr Louis Zabaneh, great big kudos to you. Thank you for shedding light on the violence occurring in Honduras against indigenous Garifuna. Respect!

Will you also urge your political party to take a progressive stance on the rights of indigenous people in Belize?

How wonderful it would be if Belize political parties stop making light of the rights of indigenous people in Belize. Saying the preceding does not mean you do not deserve recognition for talking about the violence against Garifuna in Honduras. Thank you!

Marconi Leal, Belize Rural North

The residents of BRN had the opportunity to meet and speak with BRN PUP Standard Bearer, Marconi Leal and team, as they went house to house in the community to hear the concerns of the people and share their mandate.

Castro is an EMBARRASSMENT and DISGRACE to the People of Belize Rural North! Edmond Castro is all about himself! He is not worrying about his party’s convention and worst his people! All he is focused on is his own pocket! How can we look up to someone who he himself is breaking the law, no Mask 😷! Yet poor people are getting charged for not wearing a Mask! This man has no shame! Wake up people of Belize Rural North! This man has failed in every way possible! He does not deserve to be a representative no more! Vote for a change! VOTE Marconi Leal 💙PUP

The PUP will win the next General Election! Change is coming to BRN! “Powered by the People! The Machinery is certainly fueling up! The BRN Team is ready to work and ready to serve BRN! There is lots of of work to be done but the journey continues! CHANGE is NEEDED!

Michel Chebat, Cayo North

Just prior to the school year opening was cancelled until further notice, Micho Chebat handed over hundreds of bags to Sacred Heart Primary School, Arms of Love Primary School, Bullet Tree Seventh Day Adventist School and Bullet Tree Catholic School for each school to give those children most in need. Caring for our children now is investing in a better tomorrow. #MichoDelivers

Also, he met with stake holders in the tourism industry in Cayo North to listen to their concerns about opening the airport on August 15th. The Bahamas has once again closed its borders to the USA. Since opening July 1st they have seen a spike in cases.

Hon. Julius Espat, Cayo South


During this pandemic crisis we have seen people with all sorts of ideas in order to secure an income for their families; many have ventured into farming, food sale, clothes sale, etc.

In sight of this the St. Matthew’s Village Council and the area representative, Hon. Julius Espat, have teamed up to establish a market in the village. This will clearly benefit the many residents of St. Matthew’s in facilitating the sale of their products. This will also bring economic opportunity to other surrounding communities who are engaged in farming.

Hon. Florencio Marin, Corozal Southeast

On behalf of the Ranchito Village council and Ranchito Villagers we would like to thank the Chinese President Mr. Ma Brother, Mr. Gordon from One Mall and the Chinese colleagues for supporting the Ranchito Village by giving vegetables donation to the third age families. We thank you once more.

Sincerely Ranchito Council

May God bless you. Keep practicing hygiene, remember to keep the social distancing, wear masks and keep safe during this pandemic.

Have a nice weekend and may God bless each villager.

Alex Balona, Cayo Central

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