Standard Bearers with their Constituents


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Orlando Habet, Cayo Northeast

Whipping the UDP

I was honored to be on Vibes Media’s “The Whip” Talk Show. Thank you Vaughn and Omar for helping me bring to light issues we are facing in Cayo Northeast. In bringing awareness to challenges, we also pose better solutions.

While the UDP attempt to use their pawns and cronies like The Three Musketeers Alfonso Cruz, Elvin Penner and Mike Juan, to illegally register and transfer voters, we will object and win these in court, and we will stop them in their tracks.

Remember, Elvin Penner is a sellout who embarrassed Belizeans when he sold passports and Belizean citizenship to a criminal in Korean jail, Kim Won Hong. Alfonso Cruz, like the “good boy” that he is, helped Penner sign those passports.

While the masses compromise themselves for a meagre $10 per year for 5 years to illegally transfer their vote, these 3 have amassed unimaginable wealth. John August controls the Musketeers and has them registering voters at his mom’s house on #86 Burns Avenue. Their little game won’t last long.

As we continue to expose them, the more we gain people’s confidence and support. When we form the new government, we will restructure the Elections and Boundaries Commission to uphold the Representation of the People’s Act as an independent agency. We will purge the list and have redistricting. We will advocate for fair and equitable representation in all elections going forward. We will ensure a just society. #planBelize #planificarBelize #VoteBLU

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

I was proud to witness and be a part of the launch of the #planBelize health policy formulated with the input of the professionals and placing people at the center of the benefits.

#planBelize #BLU #EverybodyFiWin #TimeToRiseThe talent is here – homegrown and world-class. Ten years ago Belizean artist, Mr. Program delivered a timeless classic “See I Rise”. Last year the #Shores musician dropped this equally brilliant remake. Respect and thanks Mr. Program and to all our Belizean artists who remain committed to taking their music and country to the #NextLevel ✊

#TeamKareem #TimetoRise #Blu #BluShores #Belize #Vote2020

Oscar Mira, Belmopan

There is still time to register: Hello Belmopan! Have you registered to vote? Do it today, or call us at 670-9555 for information or help.

  • ••

Hola Belmopan ¿Te has registrado para votar? Hágalo hoy o llámenos al 670-9555 para obtener información o ayuda.

We heard the news that five BDF Soldiers including a BDF Doctor, tested positive for COVID 19. The Belize Defence Force holds a special place in my heart. I am saddened by the news and urge the BDF to do all in its power to support these Soldiers in these trying times. I express my solidarity with the Soldiers and wish each and every one of them a speedy recovery. Stay safe my brothers and sisters. Stay safe. Shoulder to Shoulder! …Ret. Maj. Oscar Mira

It is in our hands to control, contain and defeat this virus if we follow simple but effective measures. Avoid unnecessary travel. Practice social distancing. Wash hands regularly with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available. And of course, wear your mask but wear it properly. Let’s all do our part and support our authorities in doing theirs. Be safe and be well.

Prosperity and Security for All!

#TeamMira #PlanBelize #Blu

Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

The Trial Farm Village Council will like to thank Mr Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes for providing the backhoe to deal with some drain cleaning. Due to this bad weather approaching the Village Council saw the need to continue with the cleaning of this drains before heavy rain comes.

We also big up Mr Oscar Cornel Sr. for always being there assisting us in everything. Thank you Mr Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes!!!As we may know by now, COVID-19 cases in the Orange Walk District have been increasing. We want to take the time out to thank all our frontline workers who risk their lives for others! We urge that you protect yourself and loved ones by:

  1. Washing your hands
  2. Practicing social distancing
  3. Wearing a mask
  4. Seeking medical advice at 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-2273) hotline.

Together we are strong! Together we fight! Together we can beat it! 

Kevin Bernard, Orange Walk East

During this week, I had a very good discussion with 2 youth activists that are engaged in sports.  These young people have the love of the sport of football, but still looking out for the benefit of other youths who are involve in other sport discipline.   I am very much hopeful of the future, we do have a lot of youths in OW East that yearn for true representation and committed leadership. I commit to the youths that I will be their voice and I will work hard to ensure they too are part of our decision making as we Unite and Move OW East Forward.


I can definitely guarantee that this September there will be NO Parade and No Block Party. All events will be celebrated virtually for the safety of our wider citizenry. Let’s be responsible and fight this pandemic together. Please follow all protocols and please let’s stop the discrimination and hate towards our fellow Belizeans. COVID19 knows no boundaries, neither race, religion nor creed.

So I implore on all Belizeans countrywide, to brace this pandemic by doing what is right. Stop the contrabanding, Obey the law, and the rules and regulations. Let’s protect each other.

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


The future of our children depends on the decisions we make today; we shape and define that future!

For the last 12 years, we have seen rising wealth inequalities which has resulted in more poverty and lack of opportunities for many deserving children. No one should ever have to beg a minister for a scholarship or access to the basic needs a child demands. That shouldn’t be! Tackling these inequalities will be our core business when the PUP forms your government!

Every child is deserving of quality education and a fair opportunity to become a productive and successful member of our society! We will fight for a fair society with equal opportunities! We will fight for a better future! We will fight for Education!

We have listened, We Will DELIVER!


Visit the party’s website to view our Policy paper on Education:



Se aproximan las elecciones generales, un momento decisivo y crítico para Belize. Cayo Oeste, una de las áreas más abandonadas aun así teniendo un Ministro con el ministerio más fuerte en economía. Pero sí, Cayo Oeste tiene mucho potencial, solo falta tener un buen representante que nos brinde la representación necesaria para abogar por un mejoramiento.

Please remain safe. Follow the recommendations given by health authorities and protect your family and Community. We are optimistic about a brighter day for Belize. God bless you all!

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown

The Work Continues….

The Belize City Council along with Freetown Area Representative Francis Fonseca doing some rehabilitation work on streets in Belama.//

The Elected PUP Area Representatives DO NOT have access to Land, Education assistance, Health assistance, Pantry and Boost assistance, Unemployment assistance, Food assistance, Housing assistance or Infrastructure Development assistance to provide for the people and communities that they represent and were duly elected to serve.

BUT UNELECTED UDP STANDARD BEARERS have full access to and authority over Land and taxpayers money to use in their campaigns. Illegally and unethically they go around from house to house offering voters land and government $ to be deposited into your personal bank account. THIS CORRUPTION MUST END! REJECT THE UDP! VOTE THEM OUT!

Michel Chebat, Cayo North

With almost 800 active COVID cases our country is facing possibly the worst health and economic crisis of our history.  This is not the time to discriminate against anyone as no one chose to become ill.  This is the time to support each other and to take personal responsibility for our safety, for the safety of our families and communities.

Please observe the established protocols of washing your hands, wearing your mask, social distancing, if you are feeling ill don’t go to work and contact your health centre, follow all directives from the health officials. We are all in this together and we must all work together to defeat this virus!!!

Oscar Arnold, Collet

Early Saturday morning grind, on the ground Maskall St. residents have been requesting work to be done on their street for over 13 years.  I am now delivering on a pledge I made to the residents a couple months ago—a much needed upgrade and love for the residents of the area.  Uplifting Collet!!

My wonderful people of Collet as the number for Covid-19 continues to rise please adhere to the rules wear your mask wash hands regularly maintain social distancing stay at home and most of all pray to the good Lord for protection for our families and our country Belize. Be safe my people.


Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

While others are talking and deceiving, our team is out walking and actually working!

We continue checking-up on residents and checking-in at all the schools in Mesopotamia.

Our candidate is a servant-leader who truly Cares.#TeamCandicePitts is a whole vibe!

Since schools remain close, our team was out distributing some school bags to children in Mesopotamia with supplies that will aid with their homeschooling and their psycho-social development.

We will continue to reach out to our families and their children and help them, albeit with our limited resources, to maneuver this extremely challenging time in our country’s history.

#mesopotamia #reachingoutwithLove #CandicePitts #mesopotamiaschoice2020

Sunday: Since we are unable to attend our places of worship as per usual, we are extending well-wishes to All:

We especially pray for all those families affected by COVID-19, poverty, hunger, unemployment, violence, abuse, corruption in government.

We pray for those who are grieving and those who are suffering silently.

We pray for the sick and the dying, the elderly, the youth, our women and children, our men, all those in physical and immaterial prisons, and all those who need God’s guidance. May God grant us wisdom, comfort and healing, and the peace that surpasses our human understanding.

We pray for justice in our country and sincere freedom fighters.

We pray for better leaders with empathy and compassion for God’s people.

We pray that those who have will give, until we can bridge that ever-widening gap between those who have and those who do not.

We pray for a country that will acknowledge the preeminence of God, where we will value each other’s humanity, and where we can live with dignity, happiness, and with access to our human necessities.

We pray we may always remember the golden rule to love each other as God loves us.


Encouraging everyone to wear their masks and to follow the other health protocols to fight against the spread of COVID-19.

David J. Castillo, Corozal North

Por doce años el UDP ha abandonado a Corozal y la área de Corozal Norte. Por doce años la gente de Corozal han sufrido abajo este gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP!Change is coming with David Jesus Castillo!

#daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscomming


Dolores Balderamos García, Belize Rural Central

Thanks once more to the business community collaborating with Dolores and Chairman Bernardo !! We are doing major and desperately needed repair on Mamie Road and Arizona Road. Huge craters were on Mamie Road. And terrible condition on Arizona Road. Working for the Ladyville and BRC Community!! Photos show Ms. D, Bernardo, and Councillor Ayla Franklin and her Mom.

These are very difficult times indeed, and our wellbeing and good health must come first. I encourage everyone to stay safe by limiting our socializing, wearing our masks properly, and washing/sanitizing our hands regularly!! We all have to do our part to reduce and then defeat the virus. Love, prayers and best wishes to all.

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

The theme for this year’s International Youth Day is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” and it’s my dream to see the youths that I represent recognized for meaningful contributions to our society. Therefore undoubtedly I encourage all youths to inspire and be inspired in all that you do!

We are the future and the future is ours! Let’s continue to set the pace and elevate ourselves to the standards required in order to make a change🌟

Everyday the numbers of positive Covid-19 cases in Belize are increasing. Unfortunately, our senior citizens are at the greatest risk during this global pandemic. Here’s a special recognition to all the elderly residents of Queen Square. I pray that you all remain safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

I urge everyone to protect our golden citizens by wearing your masks properly in order to help prevent the continued community spread that we are facing. #planBelize #AllanPollardforQueenSquare #ProtecttheElderly #WearyourMasksProperly

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga

Message from Hope Creek: Da what with dis talking bout if u da noh Garifuna u noh wa be area rep da Dangriga? So da y when 19th of November we want all kinda culture da Dangriga fi spend money? To be an area rep for the Dangriga Constituency has nothing to do with ethnicity/ culture. We have a Creole Mayor in Dangriga right now, I am sure. GARIFUNA, CREOLE, MESTIZO, CHINEY, MAYAS ETC VOTED FOR HIM. Some of the same people who are culturally biased voted for the Mayor.

For over a year now I told the area rep his time to serve was coming to an end because he failed.

Your time is up. It’s time for you to go. Doc Zab will be the next area Representative for DANGRIGA SARAWEE N HOPE CREEK when the elections r called. Oh by the way in the House of Representatives we can see the Garifuna culture male outfit worn by our next to be area rep Dr Louis Zneh. He represents us well.

TOGETHER WE CHANGE. VOTE Dr. Louis Zabaneh when elections are called True Leadership.

Everybody must win.

Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Fort George

Despite the uncertainty of schools reopening due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fort George constituency carried through with a commitment towards helping with Back to School efforts. In addition to the daily rounds and reaching out to Fort George residents, they selected lucky winners for four weeks to receive a Back to School assistance package. All that was needed as to follow the instructions. Have a great day! Winners can be found on the Fort George Pup Facebook page.

Congrats to our Back to School Raffle winners for the several weeks:

Angel Allen  |  Carilee Faber  |  Nicole Avilez  |  Mike Stands Alone (Michael Cus)

Estrada Breezy Monique  |  Joana Polanco  |  Shanny Shanz Mossiah  |  Jaqueline Trejo

Ms. Melany Young  |  Ms. Recilia Duce

Stay tuned for more activities in the days ahead.

Remember to wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay safe!

Alex Balona, Cayo Central




Hon. Mike Espat, Toledo East

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

Message from Mullins River Village: Wanna say a heartfelt thank you to the area rep Mr. Rodwell Ferguson and to the tractor driver he sent to cut the grass at Mullins River village. He did an exceptional job in his two days compared to when Ministry of Works goes in for almost a week and doesn’t complete the task From a humble and thankful village council member to you sir keep up the good work u do for your pple.//

The Government has highjacked the food pantry and boost program and using it for political advancement

It’s up to you the people you never see them around for the last 12 years. It is justly yours take it, it is your tax money. It’s up to you if you want them to run the affairs of this country for the next 5 years. Look around your community and see what they have done for the last 12 years with all the money the PM talks about from Oil and Petro Caribe funds.

Residents of Stann Creek West this Covid-19 is very serious. Avoid contact with outsider politicians who is a potential carrier because they move from house to house. I am a people’s person and I am always in your village. I visited 90 percent of your homes before the restrictions. When the election is announced, I will get out my manifesto to you. There are those politicians who never did their homework now they are playing catch up. Some of them the people never saw before, same when they get into Government they will forget that you elected them to serve you.

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