Belize is now in the grips of the Covid crisis. Our worst fears are coming through. Each day the medical authorities are reporting more and more infections.

As of Thursday morning 13th August there are 300 persons suffering from coronavirus. Some 32 have recovered. The morning news is saying a further amount too fast for this column. Persons have been tested positive.  The area with the highest infections is San Pedro Island.

San Pedro is the tourist capital of the country. The short and long term effects of the virus spells disaster of a major kind for San Pedranos.

Orange Walk is the second hottest coronavirus area. A few of its villages are infected and infections are slowly spreading to Belize City which is now the area to watch and protect. Infections are recorded in the city. A few. But a few is all it takes in this overcrowded, poverty stricken, population dense area.

Belize City now has the challenge to rise to the challenge and defeat the spread of the deadly virus.  The media, the politicians, the church leaders, the business community and every resident needs to do more.  Public education campaigns need to be ramped up.

We can defeat the virus. We have a long history of overcoming. We overcome devastating hurricanes. Fires have ravaged our city. We been through 114 years, 1724 to 1838, of cruel slavery.  Thereafter, we overcame 143years, 1839 to 1981 of colonial domination by the Neglectful British.  We even manage to survive 12 years of Dean Barrow and his gang of gangsters from 2008 to 2020.

We must stay at home as much as we can. We must keep social distance.  We must wear our masks.  We must sanitize, sanitize.  We must.  The virus is now among us.

We give thanks and praises to our Mighty God.  There are no recent deaths.  Let us do everything to keep it that way.  Our health facilities cannot handle the virus.  An infected lady had to be rushed from Belmopan “Regional Hospital” to Belize City with serious respiratory difficulties. Belmopan like the other hospitals countrywide Do Not Have Equipment.

Belize City KHMH only has SIX Ventilators.  You read it right. A mere SIX Ventilators. And why? Because our arrogant Prime Minister squandered out every dollar in the Treasury. Circa 780 million dollars paid out for BTL. 600 million dollars wasted and stolen on Faber’s Road, Airport Road, Expensive roundabouts, basketball center, unusable National Stadium etc. 90 million not collected from favored land owners. Millions of millions given to Brads and a family member from the Boledo & Lottery.

These things are criminal.

Now Covid has arrived and the nation is bankrupt.

But brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, Belizeans all, we by ourselves will defeat this virus.

We can and we will.

Let us do what we all need to do.

Stay home as much as possible. Eat healthy. Wear your mask when you go out. Keep social distance.


With general elections less than 80 days away, the People United Party unveiled its policy on education for all Belizeans.

The policy in the brain child of Honorable Francis Fonseca.

Francis is uniquely qualified to have mastermind the new government’s commitment to a new approach to education.  He holds two university degrees. One in Economies and another in law in addition to two additional year’s lawyers must complete at the Norman Manley Law School.

Furthermore Francis was Chief of staff in the dynamic 1998 to 2003 Said Musa government and went on to become one of the most progressive Education Ministers.

On Wednesday 12th August, Honorable John Briceno introduced the new education strategies his government will implement when the voters kick out the stale uncaring, cold hearted crew that have ruined our country and condemned thousands of young people to poverty, unemployment and life without any future.

All that will change and soon.

We love the big proposal that education will be free from primary through college to sixth form.


In the “rabbit hole” type of thinking by the government, they ordered that all bars be closed, but casinos will remain open during the Covid crisis.

Why? Only regular citizens go take their drinks in bars.  The Minister and their cronies cock up in the casinos spending large amounts of our tax dollars they do not earn through working.


The Honorable (Some would say dishonorable) Boots Martinez is the official candidate for the Pickstock Division, which was recently vacated by Honorable Wilfred Elrington.

Boots is collecting salaries, allowances and all type of extra monies because he was elected by the people of Port Loyola.  How can he be collecting any taxpayer’s monies now that he is officially campaigning in Pickstock, having abandoned Port Loyola?

Neither should he be allowed to sit in meetings of the House of Representative and collect allowances because he, from his own mouth, is not interested in port. He is campaigning in Pickstock.

It is being reported that boots is offering land and money for persons to register in Pickstock.


Honorable Carla Barnett, Minister of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development has once again been put in charge of Covid relief monies. This time the monies are not for unemployed persons it is for those who lost their jobs due to Covid.

This time the monies will be used as part of the UDP election gimmicks.

The last time Carla refused to pay one hundred dollars to more than 41,000 persons who applied. She & Barrow claimed the needy Belizeans were trying to fraud the project when untrue. What is that called?