The whole country of Belize is stuck in a rut. People are scared and don’t know what to do. Every day the conversation is morbid and about fear and hopelessness.

All the news is how many more persons have Covid and who has died. Nothing positive to offer Belizeans. On 22 August, Belize’s biggest hospital-Karl Heusner announced that its Covid Isolation Unit was full to capacity.

Yes, our little, tiny, Isolation Unit over full.

Then, shockingly the alternative is the Accident and Emergency Unit will now house Covid patients, of which each day more and more Belizeans are testing positive.

The government arrangements are completely unacceptable. Who get sick, no big thing. Who sick bad will die. There is no information of what vitamins can help strengthen. What fruits and food to eat to help our body to fight back or stay strong.

There is gross neglect in testing Belizeans. Our people have to have obvious symptoms before they can be tested. This is ridiculous. By this time a person is on the way to dying. The hospital can’t or won’t test because of limited testing kits and because the testers are overwhelmed.

And yet, we should not be surprised. These things are happening for three main reasons. The government failed to prepare for this second wave of infections. And the reason is they have no money to put any measures in place. And thirdly they are just plain, goddamned incompetent.

No government, no group, no organization can be incompetent for twelve years and then suddenly become competently efficient.

It was incompetence, and inefficiency and massive corruption that caused the government to go broke in the first place.

And can you imagine the catastrophe if a hurricane should hit Belize.


The public officers who crunch the numbers and produce the statistics confirmed what we all already know. The cost of living gone up AGAIN.

And Belize continues to import much more than we export thereby condemning us to a life of non-productivity and a life of poverty.

“Where there is no vision…”


And speaking of vision. While the UDP is old and stale and lazy and thief and has no ideas or intention to make life better for our people; the PUP seems to be bubbling with new ideas and workable plans to make life better.

Earlier this August, it was an inspiring array of proposals to introduce more relevant education for all young people. Who cannot afford to pay will still be able to attend college and sixth form. This is bold, this is progress.

The UDP immediately attacked this idea. They for twelve years had the opportunity to do better for our young people instead they preferred to give one single contractor- Imer Hernandez over 350 million dollars in non-priority projects. It only takes 20 million dollars to provide free education to all young people who cannot afford college and sixth form.

On Wednesday 26th of August, Johnny Briceño and his dynamic team of thinkers and doers unveiled a creative program to give Belizeans the top quality health care we all deserve.

One of the most shameful situations in Belize is the abysmal condition of our hospitals and the substandard health system due to neglect and lack of funding. It is almost a sin what Dean Barrow has done to sick people across this land. Rats were in children ward, and a raccoon in the female ward. Alligator in the morgue at KHMH was making a move on the dead bodies. And there is lack of medicines and run down equipment, not to mention a demoralized staff. They even fired doctors during the Covid pandemic.

And worse, the National Health Insurance which the PUP started for Southside Belize City and down southern Belize was neglected and actually reduced. Well, Johnny has made a sacred pledge to make this a national benefit to all the needy people of Belize.

Yes man. This is the way to go.


Did we hear correctly? The government will build a concentration type camp back of Mountain Pine Ridge in Cayo, to be run by the BDF as a quarantine facility.

The same BDF which has been raping female soldiers?

Covid patients are not Nazi prisoners. They are sick persons and in need of delicate medical care. Which nurses and doctors want to work in an isolated camp with rapists and sex molesters monitoring them and, with Guatemalan bandits prowling the perimeters?

There is a quarantine building at the ITVET building in Corozal. One at Orange Walk. They are grossly unsatisfactory Universities with half working toilets and no privacy. Maybe fifty thousand dollars each can make them satisfactory.

Why will government spend millions of dollars for a concentration type facilities back a Mountain Pine Ridge? It must be some overseas Covid loan that they are planning to thief why they don’t want to have a decent building in each district.



The energetic Police Commissioner who is featured nightly on all television stations and twice on Mondays, suggested he will ask his Minister to change the law on bribery to impose stiffer penalties on police. This kneejerk reaction arose because a police accepted a bribe and another collected two hundred for extortion.

Lo and behold, the Minister changed the Covid Emergency law to do just that—interfere with the Criminal Code because a couple of crooked police took bribes.

You want to appear to be doing something Mr. Minister? Rush through a law that any crooked UDP politicians who is bribing voters will go to jail.

And by the way have you seen the commercial coming to a cable channel on your home TV. The remake of Ali Baba and His Thirty Thieves; HBO presents Ali Barrow and His Representathieves. And on Wednesday Lick Butt and Make Graves, the new series “Robin Hood turns to “The Robbing Hoodlum”.