Who Allowed The Plane To Land?


During the Wednesday 5th August press conference, the Prime Minister revealed that a private jet was given a special permission to come into Belize. Special regulations were given to allow said private plane to come in and land. Persons on this airplane would be allowed to come in for a day and then leave. All this of course happened when the Philip Goldson International Airport is closed except for cargo and repatriation flights.

This pronouncement by the Prime Minister goes against the grain of a Belize where everyone is equal and nobody is a Vega abnormal.

The UDP government was never given the mandate to treat the very wealthy any different. Even as the Prime Minister ended with a denial that the Private Plane did come in the harm was already done.

If the person(s) that allegedly came in any Private Plane were carriers of Covid-19 this can definitely be a serious charge on the UDP administration, in general, and specifically, on those that directly gave the go-ahead for the flight to come in.

The very rich in the world are welcome to Belize but with that comes the responsibility of following our laws and not expecting extra-legal treatment. The UDP government is desperate for US dollars.

While Dean Barrow continues to punish the poor he allows the rich to do what they want. The result might be a widespread outbreak for which he is responsible

In fact, following our laws multiplies the safety of our visitors and of our very own Belizeans whose lives our laws are designed to protect and enhance.