1000 Plus


40 Healthcare Workers Infected

According to the UDP Ministry of Health, we now have over a 1000 positive cases for SARS-COV2 in our land of the free. Many are now ignoring these numbers due to the high level of anxiety it causes. The reality is that in less than a UDP month, our infection rate went beyond exponential and at par with the UDP government’s failed health policies. Possibly the most glaring proof of UDP blame is the infection of some 40 healthcare frontline workers. Barrow promised transportation, care for their children, ex gratia payments and, biggest of all, and overabundance of Personal Protective Equipment(PPEs). All have been more Barrow broken promises. The PPEs which includes N95 masks, gowns, respirators, gloves and other specialized equipment have somehow went missing in action.

Each time the experts are asked as to the availability and whereabouts of the PPEs the answer would include the words like stored, warehouse, donation, and coming. The nurses and doctors have found it necessary to come out publicly to denounce the conditions that they have been facing. The frontline workers are not equipped. Where are the PPE’s? If these are available and being hoarded for some inexplicable reason then heads need to roll.

In a flood of government press releases, PM statement, Ask the Experts replies, CEO Gough flurries and Pablo stammers, Belize is constantly getting donations of PPE equipment. There should be enough for our frontline workers to use. Micro management is certainly something that for the healthcare workers does not allow for the PPEs to be used optimally.

The government has largely failed Belize in being able to test in an expeditious manner. Flying past Taiwan, a country of 24million people, for example, is still inexplicable. Taiwan is still at 479 cases with 7deaths. Has the UDP not asked for help? Is their pride too big and cumbersome? Or are they only used to asking for money and unable to ask for technical help? What good is it to get a donation and not know how to handle it?

It is five months now since they rejected SICA and South Korea testing kits, the UDP failing Belize is showing in the number of cases and deaths. If we were able to test more efficiently then we could have averted the sudden rise of cases that can be blamed for infected people waiting for a result and not isolating. The blame for not isolating falls squarely on the government. They failed to lead our population in how to handle themselves once they have come in contact with someone who was positive.

Orange Walk District and San Pedro have both suffered high rates of infection due to the UDPs inaction, and lack of leadership where and when it matters the most.

There is a price to pay and the UDP will face the wrath.