9th Anniversary of the Passing of the Father of the Nation George Cadle Price


Wreath-Laying Ceremony

19th September at Lord’s Ridge Cemetery

The temporary normal imposed on us by Covid-19 has not altered the immense legacy built by the Father of Belize. His passing in 2011 has become an ever-growing milestone of Belizean history. Every September 19 we in the People’s United Party, specifically, and Belizeans everywhere focus on his endearing life. George Price’s legacy indeed grows with each passing year as we appreciate and add value to the Independence of our Country.

History has a way of evaluating leaders. It is clear that George Cadle Price’s vision and work for Belize astounds and motivates Belizeans and anyone who was fortunate to experience his life first hand or vicariously. His life can now be read about or heard in the countless stories of how Belize came to become a nation from the birth of the People’s United Party 70 years ago, to the achievement of Universal Adult Suffrage, Self-Government, Change of Name from British Honduras to Belize, Our Flag, Our National Anthem and Belize’s Independence from Great Britain. George Price’s final evaluation cannot be contained in human eminence.

Of course, George Price will never claim to have done anything single-handedly. There were many great women and men beside and around him as he reached for the heavens.  But George Price was unmistakably the smooth revving engine that moved Belize from colonialism to what we have today…Sovereignty and a place to call home.

   The Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher made a call out to Belizeans to celebrate his life today during National Service Day and to do an act of service in their own community. The call was done especially in the light that Covid protocols prevent any large scale activity as was becoming the norm for September 19 in Belize.

“George Price is the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had. Let us live the Spirit of the Father of the Nation, the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price” — John Briceño.