Belly of the Beast


BTL Bulls#*t

Absolutely nothing has come out of the situation at BTL where UDP crony Net Vasquez used the company’s credit card to spend over $400K on extracurricular activities of the Victoria’s Secret variety. This is an absolute disgrace. Last week we went easy on the old man because frankly we were green with envy that at 89 he still has thongs and crotchless panties on his mind – but that aside, it is ridiculous that when it comes to the UDP, the laws don’t apply. Dean Barrow has facilitated this crap time and time again. Penner broke the law, but nothing happened. Castro broke the law on multiple occasions, and nothing happened. Vega broke the law on many occasions and nothing happened. And the list goes on and on. There will be no investigation of Net Vasquez, and this one will be swept under the rug like so much else. It is one thing to envy Net, and we imagine that from the amount of blue pills he must be almost, if not totally true blue. But corruption is corruption and Net belongs in jail. BTL belongs to the people of Belize – or so they say. So how is it that only the UDPs benefit from the company that has become nothing but an almost dead cash cow?

Integrity my A#*!

It’s interesting that Mr. Barrow hangs out with so many shady people, yet he professes to be clean as the purest snow. We listened as he continued to praise Net Vasquez even against the backdrop of misappropriation of monies. Integrity he said. How is it that Barrow can boast about a man who, even though he is a millionaire and could certainly afford it, thought it was okay to use the people’s money instead? How is it that Barrow could talk about Net’s integrity, when Net used his position at BTL to take away ads from other media houses and give his own station, Channel 7, a two year payment for ads IN ADVANCE? What the hell kind of integrity is that? This thing is falling apart very quickly though, and Barrow will be outed soon enough. He may have acted like a scalded cat in heat when asked about huge checks paid by Brads to his son Anwar. But we hear that something big is coming out very, very soon, and Grampa Barrow is going to have himself a full-blown coronary. Wait for it.

Five fevers

Grampa Barrow and the UDP had three fits and five fevers when they got that WhatsApp message in the Oversight Committee chat group from Dr. Marvin Manzanero. They thought the diminutive, timid little fellow who had been pushed around by politicians before would bow down to a command that he provide the names of COVID-19 infected persons to Big Mike Peyrefitte, the Minister of National Security and the UDP’s rabid bulldog. There was no rationale to this damned SI demanding that. What it was, is a bully tactic from the government that is a bully and a Minister of National Security that is a bully. The thing is, this time they pushed the little doctor too far, because to give in to their request would mean that he had to break his oath of confidentiality as a doctor, something that would never have worked. We’re not sure what dark hole the UDP got that bit of legislation from, but we are told that when Manza resigned, the UDP realized that this was too bitter a jagged pill to swallow, and so Peyrefitte was given a sedative and Manza was ‘persuaded’ to stay on. What form that persuasion took is anybody’s guess. This whole circus is looking to crumble, from one end to the other.


We are reliably informed at the Belize Times that when cousin Patsy Faber realized that the game was up, and he’s been caught trying to hike up the cost of the tablets the UDP have been promising to deliver to students – he explained that he didn’t mean to say tablets – he meant tabletas. Seriously, we’d stop clowning this fool if he would grow the hell up and stop acting like a petulant boy in a man’s (sort of) body. At the last House meeting, Faber showed that he’s the same old UDP. Imagine trying to tell Belizeans that tablets which cost a little over $200 actually cost close to $500. Imagine trying to tell Belizeans that we will have to pay $7M for tablets which will cost less than $3M.  Really, it is time for all the UDP to just go. These guys obviously have petty and not so petty hustling in their DNA, and are looking for one last hustle before they are kicked out of office. Call it Grampa Dean. Call it.