Bogus Land Giveaway


By Gilroy Usher, Sr.

“I want to cancel my transfer for Superman, the tall brown skin guy in Port Loyola, cause he is worthless. He told me transfer to Port, and he would give me a land and a cell phone the same day, and from I transfer to the area, the man no give me anything. I can’t even see the man again.” –a conned voter”

Last week, the fake land giveaway by Superman in the Port Loyola Division was exposed. That occurred when officials from the Lands Department visited the Jane Usher Area and other parts of the division in Belize City and informed the people that no person has the authority to simply give people land that are already leased to other individuals.

The statement was necessary after it was discovered that the aspirant for national office was cunning persons to do his political biddings by offering them land that are already leased to other persons or owned with title and as such are unavailable to the public.

Following the visit of representatives from the Lands Department in the area, over two dozen persons, who were clearing or filling land that they claim were given to them by Superman immediately ceased all work on the lots suffering tremendous loss of time, labour, material, and money.

In the bogus land giveaway unsuspecting persons begin to clear and fill specific areas of land after Superman takes them to the Lands Department in Belize City where they are then given a printout that they believe is the number for their lease land.

That of course is far from the truth. What the innocent persons are actually given are tracking numbers which show they have applied to lease certain lots. Superman however knows that the persons cannot receive lease for those lands, because they are already leased to other persons or the lands are owned with proper title. After the unsuspecting persons have done his political bidding however, Superman doesn’t care about the rude awakening they will receive months later and the loss they will then suffer, when

  1. a) the holders of leases or titles for those properties present their documents and demand that squatters vacate their land before they call the police to arrest them for trespassing or
  2. b) the persons in need of land receive a letter from the Lands Department which states that their application to lease specific lands have been denied, because other persons already have leases or titles for the same properties.

Unconscionable, Superman is able to exploit the pressing need of ordinary Belizeans for lots to build their homes and improves that their lives, because for the past thirteen years this uncaring UDP government has steadfastly refused to make land available for the people. This administration spent $46 million for a sporting complex in Belize City that is rarely used, over $500 million to compensate Ashcroft for B.T.L. that wasn’t even worth $150 million when it was nationalized for the benefit of the Ministers, their families, and their cronies, and they wrote off $95 million in taxes for wealthy land owners. Nevertheless for thirteen long years this same UDP administration has stubbornly refused to spend even $16 million to make 200 filled lots with provision for streets available for the people.

The first item of the PUP Bill of Rights states. “Every Belizean should have access to a piece of land. With land we immediately create opportunities for upliftment and personal growth.”

With the support of the people and the Heavenly Father, the suffering of ordinary Belizeans due to a lack of land to build their homes or for farming will come to an end with the election of the People’s United Party to government in the first week of November this year.

With that victory PUP will once again address the needs of ordinary Belizeans for land by making surveyed and filled lots with provisions for streets and playgrounds available for thousands of Belizeans in all six districts. This land reform will be similar to what previous PUP governments did with the opening of Mahogany Heights, Vista Del Mar, Los Lagos, Fresh Pond, and the Mile 8 community on the G.P.H. among other places to make land available for ordinary Belizeans.