Castro Coughs up CO


Beef Minister confesses to Mask Misuse/Rundown Transport Department

We finally know the reason why Edmond Castro has been so irrational these past thirteen years. In a rare masked interview, he coughed up that he has been exhaling out Carbon Monoxide (CO) all these years and now the mask forces him inhale the CO right back. This abnormal UDP openly confessed to Belize and the world that as THE reason why he doesn’t like wearing the mask despite the laws of the land.

So does Castro smoke beef since he has a different internal engine which is stronger than that of a normal human lung? While most of us release climate changing and ocean acidifying Carbon Dioxide, the Minister of Emergencies is doling out one less Oxygen atom in CO. He said so himself.

Lucky for Castro, it is in the inhaling that the brain and heart can suffer CO poisoning. There is Castro’s plight. In all the knowledge of his own constitution, Castro feels that wearing a mask as is mandated by our Quarantine Laws does allow his own carbon monoxide a clear path into the atmosphere. It thus answers the question of why Hon. Castro has been photographed so many times not wearing a mask. The most infamous was when he was peddling his smoked beef at the UDP Leadership elect convention.

Given his on-air confession and given precedence of the arrest and quarantine of a Belizean confessing on Facebook to not wearing a mask in public, would a Castro arrest be warranted?

Much less illegal but definitely incompetent, Castro also admitted that there are no sanitation protocols for public buses and terminals. Thanks God the people in buses are taking care. If it were up to Castro, passengers would have their own spike.

Should we hold our Carbon Dioxide for a few to wait on the Commissioner to act on Castro? The Commissioner and the police have arrested people for stating nonsensical things on Facebook before. These normal Belizeans were swabbed and quarantined.

The only good thing about holding our breath while the Commissioner acts is that we will turn BLU. Ay…Soon we will have heard Castro’s last interview as a UDP minister. Marconi has Castro trembling.

But…How can the UDP ministers wake up and face the Belizean people? Name a Minister and their ministry is either corrupt, abandoned, non-functional, or definitely mismanaged. The UDP are in their own stratosphere of incompetence. Pablo is just their poster boy for incompetence since he has Belizean’s health in his hands. That is a sad thought.

All of the UDP cabinet is ONE complete hotbed of corruption, incompetence and obsolescence. Dehn Got to Go!! Have to…