From Farm to Table: Food Security and More…



The People’s United Party now had precedent to better, and more of historic to achieve as they officially presented to the Belizean people the planBelize Agriculture Policy. John Briceño and the People’s United Party who are already bolting way ahead of the obsolete corrupt government have no time to waste.

Our Belize is ailing and reeling as we have been hacked and ransacked by the serially corrupt UDP. Our farmers and the agro industry, the real backbone of our economy, are screaming for help. The comatose government has systemically ignored their pleas through droughts, floods, recessions and Covid-19. The UDP is entranced in an Elysium dream with Tourism. Discounted is the fact that tourism was able to flourish because of the presence of our Agroindustry that had to be super self-resilient and able to function on autopilot—in site of the vindictive UDP. Hulse is to Agriculture as Pablo is to Health—an incompetent pain.

But no more, the PUP’s plan for Agriculture into the future includes our Food Security, Tax Cuts, Export agreements, Trade agreements, Financing, Diversification, Increase of Yields, focused Education, Storage Capacity, New Markets and much more. Other sectors like Tourism will flourish directly and indirectly because of a vibrant Agro productive sector. Covid-19 exposed the ill-advised focus on the Tourism sector. While the government salivates on a continued view to bolster tourism singularly, the PUP’s planBelize revitalizes all sectors which will be thriving as Belize really works for everyone. In this upcoming General Elections, with the PUP…Everybody fih Win…Todos Ganamos.