Letter: A Belizean, not a Repatriate


Dear Editor,

I read all over Social Media that our Belizean friends returning from the USA where being rebranded repatriates and mistreated as they left the planes and receiving no welcome. All this sounds unacceptable.

This is a little of what I read…in my own words.

The UDP has been consistent all along. The UDP virulently sneezes on anything they place their paws on. Land, Immigration, environment, works, education, finance, transportation, utilities, trade, economy, health, and Covid response, just to name 12, have all been crucified by the despicably dirty hands of the United Democratic Party. Repatriation is just another example of how UDP infamy is putrefying each of our national institutions or policies.

What our repatriates met is the incompetent and corrupt UDP. Most likely some money was placed on the repatriation process but most was sidetracked by those involved leaving nothing to the actual execution of the repatriation. That is the modus operandi of the UDP in everything–overbloated prices for on the cheap products. One person to look at is Gapi Vega’s nephew, Imer Hernandez, and his infrastructure company which provides the best example of UDP’s vehicle for incompetence and over bloated contracts.

Dear repatriates… more of you should expose your stories of truth and how in one fell UDP swoop you were not Belizeans but you were repatriates. The UDP salivated at your applications to return as they saw fixes to their sick addiction to the dollar especially the American one. By the way, it is very normal for us to desire more money but most times we find WORK to earn these dollars. Not the UDP,  they have attempted to be creative at accumulating money in the vilest and at the expense of legality: Sanctuary Bay, Puerto Azul, Citizen Kim and passport scandal, Imer and all UDP Infrastructure, Dermen Tranches, Legal Fees for GoB ping pong law suits, Drug Planes(reselling), Pharmaceuticals, Land Compensation, and Environmental Clearances, just to name a few. Now we can add repatriation.

So, reading of our Belizeans burning under the sun, no rehydration, standing for long lengths of time, horrible attitudes from overworked Immigration and Customs personnel(need to change job), disorganized process, lack of any health protocol, sudden fees, duties charge for personal items including worn shoes, sweat-filled masks, luggage mishandling, dinosaur bus, long waits, horrible food and no access to laundry services makes $2000 price gouging.

Now, to add insult to all this…the rules will be changed after many have paid these thousands. To the UDP this is just luck but lives have been burdened.

The UDP has to bear the burden of all that they are doing. It is just the way of the world. Everything seems unfair and unjust but life has away to castigate. Nothing immoral goes with impunity and the UDP will meet this equalizer. It will be painful…wait for it UDP. Belizeans are FEDUP.

Thanks Editor,


Not a Repatriate, A Belizean