Letter: Can’t wait for the Education and Health plans


Dear Editor

I would like to say that the UDP is deliberately trying to infect Belizeans with the coronavirus. All their actions seem to be in that direction. I read that we have more Covid-19 than many countries with greater population. Are Belizeans that reckless or UDP conspiracy?  I believe we have a useless government. Like the PUP seh, it is time for them to go. Belize needs a change and fast. Belize needs an urgent CHANGE of leadership and direction.

We know that the UDP are not capable. So the UDP are not deliberately misusing the PPE.s, nor under-testing deliberately, nor having turned a blind eye to infected ground zero San Pedro in early August allowing for a mass exodus, nor praying to the coronavirus to allow the loan people relevant reasons to grant Belize Covid funds. The UDP is just plain ‘duncey.’

If the UDP government is not guilty of conspiracy then the other end is total and rank incompetence.

The hot beds of corruption are all the UDP government departments since each has clueless Ministers and unskilled UDP cronies embedded within.  The Health Ministry may have the champion of incompetent Ministers. I say may since their official elected champion is the woeful Faber–a subject for another day.

The people of Belize are chomping at the bits waiting for the paddock of liberty to free them from the life stifling grip of the UDP. We cannot wait to see the PUP Education plan actually happen and so with the health. Us Belizeans deserve that and more.


Eyes are Open